Virginia Casa - Lastra, Grey, Medium Salad Bowl

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The Lastra Tableware Collection comes in 3 gorgeous colours. Cotton, Grey  & Chocolate. A lovely idea is to layer different colours of the Lastra Collection and create an interesting beautifully presented tableware setting. Hand made and hand painted in Tuscany by skilled craftsmen using traditional methods,  the Lastra Collection with its chic shapes is a beautiful gift. The Virginia Casa Lastra Collection consists of Dinner Plates, Soup Plates, Salad Plates, Soup Bowls, Individual Baking Dishes, Condiment Bowls, Medium & Large Salad Bowls, Oval & Round Platters, Square & Rectangular Platters, Mugs, Espresso Cups & Saucers, Wonderful Breakfast Sets & A Sugar Bowl. Dimensions: Diameter 20cm. Delivery Immediate – 2 weeks depending on stock.