Virginia Casa - Clorofilla - Small Pumpkin Tureen

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These items are not held in store, delivery may take up to 4 weeks as they are hand made.
Stunning tableware in the shape of Vegetables. Clorofilla is the most beautiiful range of hand made containers and platters. Created and hand painted by craftsmen in Tuscany, Italy. The Clorofilla range in the shape of vegetables includes Onion Pots, Garlic Pots, Cabbage casseroles, Chicory Bowls, Onion Platters, Chicory Platters, Carrot Bowl, Radish Bowls, Celery Pitcher, Pepper Pot, Tomato Pot, Fennel Pot, Onion Cruet, Garlic Cruet, and Pumpkin Tureens. Dimensions: Small Pumpkin Tureen (14cm) Delivery Immediate – 2 weeks depending on stock.