Opaline Collection -Various Colours

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7 Designs & 16 Colourways. 35180 Opaline Organza Tieback – Length: 80cm Height: 16cm Weight: 114g – Composition 57PES 42GL 2ME 35209 2 Opaline Key Tassels – Height: 15cm Weight: 60g – Composition 87PES 10WD 3ME 35211 4 Opaline Key Tassels – Height: 9cm Weight: 120g – Composition 54PES 40GL 6ME 35370 Opaline 1 Tassel Tieback – Length: 90cm Height: 27cm Weight: 355g – Composition 86PES 12WD 2ME 35371 Opaline 1 Tassel Tieback – Length: 90cm Height: 24cm Weight: 300g – Composition 71PES 24GL 5ME 35601 Opaline Beaded Tieback – Length: 80cm Diameter: 1.7cm Weight: 165g – Composition 90GL 10PES 35604 Opaline Luxury Cable Tieback – Width: 5cm Length: 95cm Weight: 200g – Composition 77PES 23ME HOULÈS is a French family-owned Company. Founded in 1928, Félix and his son André Houlès established the parent company, 18 rue Saint-Nicolas, in the heart of Paris, in the Faubourg Saint-Antoine area, the traditional district for upholsterers, interior designers and architects. Houlès creations are often selected for the decoration of palaces and castles like le Château de Versailles, or Presidential Residences in France and abroad. The company also participates in many restoration works of prestigious historical monuments like the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. Delivery immediate to 2 weeks depending on stock.

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