What do you like about Christmas?

This season is definitely one of the most beautiful and magical times of the year. Everything sparkles with the abundance of Fairy Lights that adorn buildings, parks and homes. Everyone can't help but get into the holiday spirit with most of us spending hours decorating every inch of the house.

Gorgeous lanterns like these from Virginia Casa are the perfect pieces to bring warmth into the home.

Browse the simple Natale collection to see just how beautiful an addition these could be, as well as to view all the delightful pieces that compliment these items.

At Kensington Design however, the most exciting part of the holiday is setting the table before the big feast. It doesn't matter if every year you set up a completely new look or use the same traditional pieces on the table. The enchanting feeling of Christmas is still in the air. The most important part of the Festive Season is to enjoy the time with your loved ones. If you need any help just read our blog about how to lay a perfect table 

Or have a look at our Babbo Natale - Father Christmas tableware collection