Want to get in the Olympic spirit of things... go and check out this exhibition ... given the intermittent weather at the moment, we've no doubt you will have a spare moment to pop into the gallery ... conveniently located near us here at Kensington Design - or the nearest tube station is High Street Kensington ...

Richard Young Gallery
4 Holland Street
London W8 4LT

Exhibition Details ...

Stefano Nicolini : CHAMPIONS

3rd July – 11th August 2012

In this historic year of the London Olympics, The Richard Young Gallery announces a solo exhibition to celebrate the majesty of human athleticism, seen through the eyes of world-renowned fine art photographer, Stefano Nicolini.

In a collection of 28 images, Nicolini explores the essence of human sporting physicality in all its guises – such as a swimmer’s strength, the agility of the horseman, the muscular determination of the boxer, or the liquid grace of the diver. These images convey an innate physicality with breathtaking expressive force and exhilarating clarity of light.

Stefano comments:
‘In this series, my consideration and focus has been on the human and in the succession of the exhilarating physicality of movement, deploying an explosive visual force that touches carnality in its essence. I avoid digital manipulation of my subjects, preferring to reveal an abstraction that becomes a manifestation of the purity of the athletic act.’