Lovers of Cole & Son’s Contemporary Collections can enjoy a fresh take on iconic designs with the launch of Contemporary Restyled. The eagerly awaited collection celebrates a selection of patterns that are the heart and soul of the British wallpaper company with new colours, scales and reworked designs.

Cole & Son has breathed new life into popular designs from the brand’s extensive history, including the beloved Woods, Cow Parsley, Orchid, Hicks Hexagon, Palm Leaves and Flamingos. Woods features golden pears hanging amongst the branches and the scale of Hicks Hexagon has been altered to produce an exciting new design. New colourways of the original prints will offer a wider selection to perfectly compliment various interior settings.
Cole & Son Creative Director Shauna Dennison comments, “The prints in the new collection have been carefully selected - we wanted to be able to provide our clients with an update on some of their most loved designs. These prints embody the glamorous 50s and 60s period in which they were originally created but by adding different colours, changing the printing technique or enhancing with a new element, we are able to create a more modern feel.

‘This period was often referred to as the Age of Couture and the assemblage of flamingos, orchid blooms, palm fronds and bold geometrics in Contemporary Restyled still retains the essence of the era while remaining at the forefront of the relevant trends and styles of today.’
The thirteen designs include:

Palm Jungle – The original Palm Leaves print has been multi layered to create a dense jungle of foliage. Five colourways are offered in vibrant hues of emerald, teal, china blue and subtle metallic and a further two luxurious colourways feature lustred backgrounds on a textured base paper.


Cole & Son - Contemporary Restyled - Palm Jungle - 95-1005

Palm – This classic design is presented in two new colourways of leafy green on ivory and black and white on ivory.

Cole & Son - Contemporary Restyled - Palm - 95-1008

Rajapur – The paisley paper has been re-coloured in a softer sugared palette of cloud greys, blues, moss greens and neutrals for a charming and whimsical effect.

Cole & Son - Contemporary Restyled - Rajapur - 95-2014

Hicks Hexagon – The geometric design is re-introduced with four new dramatic colourways of moody charcoals, teals and burnished metallics.

Cole & Son - Contemporary Restyled - Hicks' Hexagon - 95-3016

Summer Lily – The original Cole & Son Lily design has been printed at a smaller scale and in botanical colour-washed tints of aqua, lilac, sage and chalky neutrals. The print comes in a wide width.

Cole & Son - Contemporary Restyled - Summer Lily - 95-4022

Lily – The floral pattern has three new colourways available in timeless black and white, gold on linen and black with bronze.

Cole & Son - Contemporary Restyled - Lily - 95-4020

Woods and Pears – The iconic Woods design has borne fruit; golden pears in shimmering metallic hues have been printed on shades of twilight grey, cloudy white and midnight black.

Cole & Son - Contemporary Restyled - Woods & Pears - 95-5032

Hicks Grand – The enduring Hexagon pattern has been printed at a bolder scale. A total of six new colourways are available in a jazzy palette of pillar box reds, sapphire blues, turquoise, ebony and copper.

Cole & Son - Contemporary Restyled - Hicks' Grand - 95-6035

Malabar – The successful design has six new subtle and romantic colourways of shell, lavender and ecru, slate, ink and mahogany.

Cole & Son - Contemporary Restyled - Malabar - 95-7043

Flamingos – This charming bird print is presented in four new colourways of toned down neutrals, flamingo pink and moonlight silver to add a touch of elegance.

Cole & Son - Contemporary Restyled - Flamingos - 95-8045

Cow Parsley – The attractive design featuring silhouetted stems of cow parsley against an etched background is presented in five new colourways. The soft tones of straw yellow, amethyst and stone offer an alternative mood to the vibrant originals.

Cole & Son - Contemporary Restyled - Cow Parsley - 95-9049

Orchid – The striking orchid print is presented in five new and exciting colour combinations, including poppy red with leafy green, pale yellow and grey, pale dove grey and charcoal and a decadent slate with glimmering bronze.

Cole & Son - Contemporary Restyled - Orchid - 95-10055

Pompeian – This classic Cole & Son trellis wallpaper design has been reduced in scale and given a sophisticated touch using shades of linen, dove and charcoal grey to create a trompe I’oeil lattice effect pattern.

Cole & Son - Contemporary Restyled - Pompeian - 95-11061