The Foundation collection is influenced by architectural building materials and reclaimed surfaces. Materials such as metal, timber, marble and concrete provide inspiration for the collection. The designs are a fusion of new ideas and prints from the extensive Cole & Son archive.

The Crackle wallpaper design features an array of distressed and weathered crackled paint effects ranging from bleached paintwork to luxurious and exuberant gilded surfaces. Colour-ways include White Cream, Light Blue, Duck Egg & Gold, Ink Blue, Silver, Gold and Bronze.

Cole&Son - Foundation - Crackle - 92-1001 HR

This design has a vintage, tarnished copper panel effect combining rusting metal colours in a manner reminiscent of stripped walls and old paint work. Colour-ways include White & Grey, Plaster, Metal Rust, Charcoal & Silver and Copper & Greens.

Cole&Son - Foundation - Salvage - 92-11053 HR

A wallpaper design incorporating reclaimed tiles creating the appearance of a vintage foxed mirror. Unusual printing techniques were incorporated with the use of foil and transparent ink creating the reflective effect. Colour-ways include Silver, Grey and Golden Bronze.

Cole&Son - Foundation - Antique Mirror - 92-2009 HR


A carefully designed wallpaper pattern, created to resemble an industrial surface. Colour-ways include Light Grey, Charcoal Grey, Cork and Yellow.

Cole&Son - Foundation - Concrete - 92-3012 HR

A stylish, vintage wallpaper design from the 1950’s. A colourful pattern that incorporates a tweed texture on a solid background, this design would suit a feature wall for maximum impact. Colour-ways include White, Brown, Black & White, Yellow & Orange, Blue and Red.

Cole&Son - Foundation - Tweed - 92-4017 HR


A hand drawn wood grain effect wallpaper pattern with an industrial edge, available in mostly neutral tones. Colour-ways include Grey & Grey, Drift Wood, Oak, Walnut, Dark Brown, White, Inky Blue and Black & White.

Cole&Son - Foundation - Wood Grain - 92-5024 HR


An impressive trompe l’oeil style stone block pattern, accurately replicating the illusion of masonry. One of Cole & Son’s popular historic wallpaper prints, this design is printed in a selection of colour-ways including White, Grey, Sandstone, Black and Pink Grey.

Cole&Son - Foundation - Stone Block - 92-6032 HR

Replicating a large slab of marble, this striking wallpaper pattern is available in White, Grey & White, Green and Black colour-ways.

Cole&Son - Foundation - Marble - 92-7035 HR

A small-scale wallpaper pattern, this woven design is from the Cole & Son archive and imitates a straw-like texture. Colour-ways include White, Grey, Oatmeal, Black and Red.

Cole&Son - Foundation - Weave - 92-9042 HR