The Geometric Collection is a selection of contemporary designs influenced by intricate patterns and vivid graphics. This modern collection utilises clean edges, clever repeats and trompe l’oeil effects, reviving the mood of the 60’s with its ‘Op Art’ geometry and explorations of colour.

A monochrome, geometric hexagonal cube wallpaper design in a large-scale. Available in two colourways of muted white with light grey or white with contrasting dark grey.

Cole & Son - Geometric Roomshot - Hexagon 93-1002 HR

With a small scale lace effect pattern Fret wallpaper creates a large horizontal stripe on the wall. Available in colours of soft white, ochre, brown and ink blue.

Cole & Son - Geometric Roomshot - Fret 93-10035 HR

Diamond Stripe
This 1920s feeling geometric wallpaper features a graphic stripe incorporating a large scale diamond trellis. This pattern is available in three colourways, including dark gold on metallic foil, blue with silver and white.

Cole & Son - Geometric Roomshot - Diamond Stripe 93-11038 HR

A large repeatable panel (1.8m wide x 3m high). This geometric pattern features a graphic optical design with a subtle hand drawn edge. Available as two colourways, monochrome blues or greys. Multiple panels can be repeated around a room.

Cole & Son - Geometric Roomshot - Facet 93-13043 HR

A chain link design wallpaper with a sequence of three shapes forming a bold yet intricate pattern. Available in four colourways, including a striking combination of reds, black and white, or subtle off white and brown tones.

Cole & Son - Geometric Roomshot - Links 93-2005 HR

Variant features a dramatic gradient checkerboard pattern, available as a large repeatable panel (1.8m wide x 3m high), in two colourways, bold black and white and muted off whites. Multiple panels can be repeated around a room.

Cole & Son - Geometric Roomshot - Variant 93-14045 HR

The Honeycomb design features a small-scale honeycomb shaped trellis pattern. Four colourways include, warm whites, soft neutral with two metallic prints, black white and blue grey.

Cole & Son - Geometric Roomshot - Honeycomb 93-15049 HR

This striking large scale geometric wallpaper consists of an optical apex composed of graphic triangles. Available in four monotone colourways of charcoal and white, whites and ivory, neutrals, and blue with white.

Cole & Son - Geometric Roomshot - Apex 93-16052 HR

A versatile wallpaper design that can be hung as a half drop or reverse hung to create a large zig-zag effect, spanning the width of two drops of wallpaper. This large-scale triangular pattern is available in a combination of metallic silver and matt white, meatallic olive, black and white or red and black.

Cole & Son - Geometric Roomshot - Maya 93-3012 HR

Bali has been designed as a large repeatable panel (1.8m wide x 3m high), influenced by Batik patterns and tie-dye fabric. Multiple panels can be joined to wallpaper a room, or single panels used as a focal point. Available in one colour of grey, olive and white.

Cole & Son - Geometric Roomshot - Bali 93-4013 HR

Large interconnecting maze shapes create a three dimensional effect on this two tone wallpaper design. Available in six colours, from fresh white and beige, soft turquoise and blue, ochre, brown, black and off-white to deep ink blue and black.

Cole & Son - Geometric Roomshot - Labyrinth 93-5015 HR

A striking large scale (3.15m wide x 3m high) repeating wallpaper panel of overlapping multi coloured harlequins, also available in a simple grey scale, monochrome print. Panels can be repeated around a room or used singularly.

Cole & Son - Geometric Roomshot - Circus 93-6020 HR

This unique flocked wallpaper pattern features trompe l’oeil style drapery, creating an optical illusion. Finished with a low flock velvet texture and available in five colourways of red, black, brown, white and blue.

Cole & Son - Geometric Roomshot - Drape 93-7022 HR

Point Stripe
This modern flocked wallpaper pattern consists of vertical stripes constructed of small dots finished with a low-flock velvet texture. Available in three colourways of white, blue and red.

Cole & Son - Geometric Roomshot - Point Stripe 93-8027 HR

A bold nautical pattern, the Rope wallpaper design appears to climb up the wall. Available in four colour ways, a shimmery red and black that appears hand painted, serene whites, sky blue and deep blue.

Cole & Son Archive Anthology Large Georgian Rope Trellis