The Frontier collection depicts an era of travel, colonialism, and the Far East. The collection’s 12 designs have been sourced from Cole & Son’s archive, which dates back more than 300 years; many of the designs have not been in production for over a century.

The exotic birds taking flight on this striking wallpaper are from an original 1950's design by Una Lindsey. Printed in a range of colours from off white on a putty background to striking emerald green.

Cole & Son - Frontier - Tropical Birds 89-1001

A rich floral design reminiscent of Urushi lacquer work. Cole & Son’s Wisteria wallpaper is available in four colourways including tones of grey, yellow and grey, red and a striking black and fuchsia pink.

Cole & Son - Frontier - Wisteria 89-10040

This large-scale wallpaper pattern features a bold print of the Cocoa plant, this design can be used for a breath-taking feature wall or incorporated with the coordinating Stipple wallpaper, to decorate an entire room.

Cole & Son - Frontier - Cocoa 89-11043

The Stipple wallpapers are textured plains available in colours designed to coordinate with the designs in the Frontier collection.

Cole & Son - Frontier - Stipple

A dramatic four colour wallpaper design, unaltered from the 19th century pattern found in the Cole & Son archive. Rendered in black and white, bleached neutrals and washed-out blues.

Cole & Son - Frontier - Great Wave 89-2008

Originating in the 1950's, this unusuallarge-scale wallpaper design has been simplified and re-coloured in earthy tones of brown and gold, black and white and blue and beige.

Cole & Son - Frontier - Cowcumber 89-3009

A soft Asian-inspired geometric wallpaper design. Printed in a selection of colours from simple white on grey to a subtle lustre on a deep blue, and striking emerald green.

Cole & Son - Frontier - Feather Fan 89-4018

A bold contemporary large-scale floral wallpaper design. Available in three colourways: white on white, gold on brown and off white and black.

Cole & Son - Frontier - Water Lily 89-5021

An oriental landscape wallpaper pattern with a contemplative woman standing at the water’s edge. The warm colours can be interpreted as sunrise or sunset.

Cole & Son - Frontier - Geisha 89-6025

An optical geometric wallpaper design influenced by Northern African tiled courtyards creating a Moroccan-style sanctuary.

Cole & Son - Frontier - Tile 89-7027

Evocative of a romantic Japanese journey, this oriental boat wallpaper design is available in three vivid colours: charcoal and gold, deep purple and fuchsia, petrol blue and amber.

Cole & Son - Frontier - Gondola 89-8033

Inspired by luxurious 19th century Indian fabrics, the Silk wallpaper design's padded effect adds depth to any room. Available in five colourways including, grey, red blue brown and white, this design gives a tromp I’oeil buttoned fabric effect.

Cole & Son - Frontier - Silk 89-9037