The Fornasetti collection consists of 14 designs selected from fine drawings in the archive of Piero Fornasetti (1913-1988). These wallpapers incorporate elements from the Fornasetti archives used to make stunning large scale designs in a palette of useable colours ranging from reds and golds, to neutrals and blacks.

Delicately coloured floral Ortensia wallpaper design is shadowed by simpler sketch versions in the background. Originally a 1950s design for a table and trays, colours include dark purple ground with bronze and wine; white, grey and silver; turquoise, grey and silver or neutral, gold and pink.

Cole & Son - Fornasetti Collection Room Settings - Ortensia 77-10037 HR

The now iconic Ex Libris wallpaper design features a detail taken from a 1953 screen, speaks volumes with a faux library of books bound in pigskin and buff on black shelves; pale sepia on silver books with dark stone shelves; parchment on black and white books with pale taupe shelves and for lovers of purple prose, magenta and gold books on black shelves.

Cole & Son - Fornasetti Collection Room Settings - Ex Libris 77-11041 HR- IMAGE 3

Echoes of the famous Fornasetti wit are evident in the Frutto Proibito wallpaper design, a blend of two designs from the archive. Mischievous monkeys originally designed for ‘Dulciora’, a Milanese patisserie in the 1950s, hide in a riotous pomegranate tree pattern from a 1940s fabric. Available in fantastical colourways of fuschia and green on deep black, grey and plum on gold and beige and gold on sky blue.

Cole & Son - Fornasetti Collection - Frutto Proibito 77-12046 HR

A large scale leaf print wallpaper, Ramo is an oversized branch of shadowy skeletal leaves 76 cm high. The design adorned a tray in the 1950s and is now resplendent in gold and black on a wine red ground; silver and mauve on eau de nil; white and charcoal on dull gold or white and taupe on corn.

Cole & Son - Fornasetti Collection Room Settings - Ramo 77-13050 HR

Fornasetti’s flat flower faces of Pansee, taken from a 1950s tray, are proud and elegant on this bold floral print wallpaper. Offered in colourways of pale grey, gunmetal and dark copper; neutral, copper and silver; black, silver and bronze or deep muted scarlet, copper and gold.

Cole & Son - Fornasetti Collection Room Settings - Pansee 77-2005 HR

Bubbly bouquets of Peonies, originally adorning a 1940s Fornasetti silk scarf, are resplendent in silver lustre ground and pinks; copper, burgundy and lime; red, magenta and orange on neutral or metallics on neutral, on this bold large scale floral wallpaper design.

Cole & Son - Fornasetti Collection Room Settings - Peonie 77-3011 HRCORALLO
Branches of feathery coral are suspended in Corallo as though floating in a coloured sea. Set free from its original tray and umbrella stand, this wallpaper design is offered in colourways of charcoal, black, pink, purple and silver; off white, black, red and gold; muted neutrals or charcoal with copper, silver, gold and black.

Cole & Son - Fornasetti Collection Room Settings - Corallo 77-4012 HR

Designed in the late 1940s for the entrance hall of Piero Fornasetti’s own house in Milan, The Mediterranea wallpaper delivers a hypnotic cityscape of roofs, gilded domes and gardens with a repeating pattern that stimulates the optical effect. In a daytime version with buildings defined in black and gold on white or nocturnal in black and humid ginger with gold domes.

Cole & Son - Fornasetti Collection Room Settings - Mediterranea 77-5016 HR

Fornasetti’s love of exuberant flowers is typified in Fiori taken from a 1953 design, ‘Fiori nella Notte’ on a chest of drawers. A criss-cross of garlands attended by the artist’s cherished butterflies, the wallpaper is offered in multicolours on jet black ground; black and white flowers on charcoal lustre; metallics on stone or vivid flowers on blue sky.

Cole & Son - Fornasetti Collection Room Settings - Fiori 77-6018 HR- IMAGE 4

The hypnotic ripples of the semi-precious stone Malachite depicted by Fornasetti on furniture and even a limited edition of bicycles are now surely as precious on wallpaper! Colour-ways include an authentic emerald green ground with black; black and white; black and copper; pale taupe and silver or stone and black.

Cole & Son - Fornasetti Collection Room Settings - Malachite 77-7023 HR

A detail taken from the Fornasetti motif ‘Grand Coromandel’ inspired by chinoiseries, celebrates spring with insects cross-pollinating voluptuous flowers. This hand drawn floral wallpaper is offered in in hues of lime and silver; azure and gold; black and tinted silver or taupe and copper bronze.

Cole & Son - Fornasetti Collection Room Settings - Primavera 77-8028 HR

The classically designed sun is a favourite Fornasetti device and this version was used on a series of 1950s plates. This emblem of the Mediterranean area is given a benign face set in a halo of rays in this Il Sole wallpaper design Suns in black, silver and gold are displayed on backgrounds of copper, scarlet, taupe or black.

Cole & Son - Fornasetti Collection Room Settings - Il Sole 77-9034 HR