The Banbury collection, based on traditional archive patterns encompasses elements of classical design such as trellises and flowers whilst adopting a contemporary twist with the use of a fresh colour palette

Printed in a range of colours including blue, olive, off-white and aubergine, this nature-inspired design from the 1820s works to create a modern effect for the traditional oak leaf in an all-over foliage print incorporating acorns.

Cole & Son - Photography - Banbury - Oak Leaf 91-1001

The classic understated cross print is patterned in-between a trellis on pastel backgrounds including beige mustard, pale blue and pink.

Cole & Son - Photography - Banbury  - Maltese Cross 91-10043

Dating back to the 1850s design, metallic trellises in gold or silver outlines create an almost holographic effect on stone, green-blue, mud and terracotta backgrounds, achieving an autumnal effect with the use of leaves.

Cole & Son - Photography - Banbury  - Maxims 91-11050

This classic Cole & Son botanical print is layered with a spectrum of green tones to convey a 3D effect upon backdrops of black, blue and off-white.

Cole & Son - Photography - Banbury  - Lily of The Valley 91-2007

Optical geometric patterns created from a thick trellis boldly printed in olive, blue, black or white on the delicate off-white background gives a modern take on this traditional design.

Cole & Son - Photography - Banbury  - Stone Trellis 91-3010

A soft, simple flower print on a spot background dating back to 1870s is patterned in pastel colours in white, blue, olive and mustard, to create a country feel.

Cole & Son - Photography - Banbury  - Sprig and Spot 91-4013, 4014, 4015, 4016

A beautifully vintage medium-sized trellis wallpaper design in two-toned bolds and pastels, including olive, off-white, grey, brown and purple.

Cole & Son - Photography - Banbury - Victorian Trellis 91-5021

Off-white varying medallions, resembling star-shaped antique buttons are printed on a background of rich earthy colours including mustard, olive, terracotta and aubergine.

Cole & Son - Photography - Banbury  - Medallion 91-6025

Neutral colour-ways enhance the brightly coloured trailing flowers for a stunning, contemporary looking paper. Shades include purples, blues, pinks, reds and neutrals on differing backgrounds to compliment the bold flower tones.

Cole & Son - Photography - Banbury  - Plumbago 91-7030

A simple, sophisticated white button print on a background of pastel colours of lilac, lemon and olive. The blue and cream options feature a gold print version of the design for a lux modern take on this classic.

Cole & Son - Photography - Banbury - Georgian Button 91-8035

Pastel backgrounds feature the classic design in grey, lemon and olive whilst the blue, off-white and terracotta incorporate the gold print version for a richer finish.

Cole & Son - Photography - Banbury - Button Trellis 91-9036, 9037, 9038, 9039, 9040