Do you take pride in redecorating your home? Yes of course, who doesn’t love the idea of bringing a wave of freshness and innovation to their house? And, since the summer has arrived, people love to spend their time out in the open where they can sit together,enjoy a refreshing beverage, dine al fresco whilst having a hearty conversation. But, what if the outer area of the house is empty and somewhat incomplete?

When the exterior of the house is not well-maintained, often people think about how to make it an elegant, relaxing and attractive place to sit and enjoy the summer breeze! Every year, the design experts come up with a wide range of ideas to remodel the garden area using different colours, furniture, tableware accessories, and other décor products. This year, the ideas are out, and the time has come to create a warm and welcoming garden for your home. Let’s have a look at some of the amazing ideas to create your perfect outdoor living space.  

 "Open Air” Living Area Furniture: A living room is meant for relaxing and entertaining your guests. But when the weather is nice how about attending to your guests outside? This time design your garden with beautiful “Al Fresco” Style furniture. You can pair up a light coloured table set with complimentary ottomans, an armchair for ease and a side table to serve food on the patio. There are different types of furniture available for the garden area depending on the size, style and your budget. While choosing the furniture for an outdoor living space, make sure the colour is easy on the eyes. When the outdoor living room is complete, get ready to call your friends and family members for a chilled and relaxing BBQ night.

Colour Splashing with Bright Tones: Neutral and earthy colours are the typical shades of a garden. Why not shift the focus from neutral colours and create something unique and new? This time why not try bright colours to play a part in your garden. Let colours like Klein blue, millennial pink, teal green, turquoise, tangerine etc. paint the outdoors with happiness, vibrancy and dynamism. If you are doubtful about these bright tones, then you can always combine the colour with white for a natural and more comforting appearance.

Colour Splashing with Bright Tones

Soft Lighting for an Ethereal Look: The front garden, lawn, back garden, or any other outside space in the house is meant to refresh the mind. But, keeping the area dark takes away all its beauty. If you wish to enjoy the purity and calmness of the outer space, then adding some light shades will work wonders. KD Style states that using small, LED lights can create a positive and relaxing environment. You can use hanging lamps, lanterns, solar lights and soothing bulbs to brighten up the area and allow you to relax well into the night.

Houseplants all around: According to the Latest Trends, the design forecasters have announced that houseplants are in fashion. You can either keep some small plants inside the house or you can showcase your gardening talent outside in your garden. Some people love the idea of sitting under a tree while reading a book. If you are one of those, then planting trees, grass and plants is for you. You can use different coloured pots for your plants to match the greenery with the furniture. If you wish to do something out of the box, then try dye-plants and create a colourful yard in your home.

Houseplants all around

Rugs for Playtime: Hitting the gym to stay in shape is often part of a daily regime, but taking some much needed time off and playing around with children can be an exhilarating task. Every garden needs light furniture, plantation, and some space for rugs so that children can play and relax at any time. Keeping a rug in the garden is not only for children or pets but solves many purposes. Whether you wish to sit in the garden or do some yoga in the morning, a rug is all you need. At Kensington Design, we recommend using a sturdy yet comfortable, long and beautiful rug for the garden. You can try Dash & Albert Outdoor Rugs especially made for outdoor living space.

Rugs for Playtime

Style with Garden Art: Styling and designing is a never-ending process. There are thousands of ideas available to design your garden; all you need is to pick the right one. There are numerous options available in table accessories and garden art products like printed containers, stylish pots, colourful hangings, textured props, fountains, statues, stone art and the list goes on. Keeping your garden simple and plain can leave it feeling a little incomplete; on the other hand adding some garden art is often the simplest missing piece. So, while choosing an outdoor space accessory make sure it compliments the furniture to give a complete and finished look.

Style with Garden Art

The outdoor area in any home is an opportunity to create something unique. Whether you like to entertain, take time out to relax or use the space for a combination of activities, your outdoor area affords you countless opportunity to create something perfect for you and your family.