It’s coming up to the most wonderful time of the year – we’re carefully putting baubles on our trees, sipping mulled wine and wondering on what presents would be perfect for your loved ones. The most wonderful part of Christmas for us at Kensington Design is the festive home décor and interior design transformations that go on inside each and every home each year – however, we never want our clients to sacrifice their interior design style in favour of being overly festive. Top London interior designers make a good argument that festive decorations can exist within the home in harmony with its existing style, and so our wonderful designers at Kensington Design have come up with some great tips on how to keep your home on-trend and festive for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

Festive Flowers

A fast growing trend for home décor we have seen this year and for 2020 is to bring more nature into our homes, but at Kensington Design we love to bring in even more nature than just our Christmas tree. A wonderful idea is to obtain some dried or fresh hydrangea heads and hang them around the house – these look great throughout the year. At Christmas it’s a lovely touch to add silver or gold thread/strands through the leaves and add some glitter to the hydrangea heads and then place them in a large glass bowl – it makes a beautiful and alternative festive decorative statement. Another great way to add some further festive nature décor into your home is to collect beautiful red leaves from Autumnal trees – these look great when scattered next to and around the fireplace and will look wonderful elsewhere in the home when the colour creates a strong contrast against a statement wall paint colour or wallpaper. We also suggest to add a selection of seasonal pomegranates and mandarins (in separate stacks) in order to add extra richness, depth and pops of colour. Lastly, a great décor addition is to add mixed nuts and chestnuts to small bowls in the lounge or on console tables – these tend to quickly get nibbled and deplete quickly throughout the festive season so ensure you have a decent stock at hand!

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Abundance of Baubles

At Kensington Design we tend to go the extra mile and don’t think there should be a limit to the amount of baubles that are placed onto your tree. A Christmas tree full with decorations is a great first visual impact when first entering a space, and the more your decorations differ in shape and size the more eclectic and lovely your tree will look. The most important aspect of our tree is the fairy lights we string around it – not only does it provide a room with a warm and festive atmosphere but the light from it will wonderfully reflect in the shiny baubles and decorations on the tree. To go for a more traditional look we find that clients prefer classic gold bows and stars. However, we do tend to prefer a braver and bolder look on our Christmas trees and so tend to layer up colours and decoration finishes. Many boxes of baubles can be bought at very reasonable prices and will last for many years to come.

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A Colourful & Wonderful Christmas

We firmly believe that this festive season does not mean that your colour palette necessarily needs to be restricted to gold, red and green. Bright neon wrapping paper or simple black ribbon are very on trend for a more modern and colourful Christmas. Bright paper honeycomb decorations are also a modern take on festive decorations – strung up in clusters hanging from the ceiling or trailing down your banister are great ways of adding bursts of colour and texture to your space. Many interior designers love a huge mix of colours for Christmas, with neon and bright pops of colour working in harmony with festive fairy lights. We fully believe that your Christmas tree is the best way to show off your Christmas spirit and we encourage clients and customers to just go for it, have some fun and make the tree reflect your true festive interior design style.

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Choosing your Style

To give your interior design and space a more cohesive look we advise that our client’s pick their chosen design style and urge them to then stick to this. The design scheme could be fabulously festive or fairly simple by use of different colour combinations. It is ideal to choose something that complements your house and use block or plain colour rather than mixing many patterns (that have a tendency to clash if not carefully planned or considered). Our current favourite colour scheme for 2019 includes dark navy blue and copper – for a more contemporary and modern look, whilst also still favouring the ever-lasting trend for Nordic Hygge inspired colours of silver, grey, and white.

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Tip Top Tree Tips

When it comes to deciding between an artificial tree and the real deal, there is always a debate. However, whatever decision is made is purely down to personal choice, but mainly due to convenience. A real tree fills the space with a festive pine fragrance that permeates throughout the house, but it does need more maintenance – from collecting pesky fallen pine needles to the occasional watering. In order to keep the easiest maintenance of your tree ensure that there is an easy access route at the bottom of the tree in order for you to water it to prevent any drooping branches. To perfect your tree shape (especially if it’s placed in a tight corner or a high traffic area) trim ill-fitting branches. When it comes to the task of pulling out all of your decorations and ornaments we suggest to lay these all out on trays and organise them by size. Begin by hanging the larger decorations at the bottom of the tree and as you work your way up start to reduce the size of the ornaments all in correlation to the length of the branches – this will always ensure that your tree looks lovely and well balanced.

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