Every year, interior designers come up with a new trend to surprise people and create a wave of elegance. But, there are some items which are time-honoured and never go out of style. You can see variation in designs but some items like wallpapers, cushions, rugs and carpets, furniture sets etc. are like “Staple items for your room.” When deciding on the items required for a dining room, rugs are often one of the most overlooked items.

People have a mindset that beautiful walls, furniture, cushions, table lamps and wall paintings are enough to give a room its complete look. But, have you ever observed that setting up a rug in the room makes it look magnificent. An alluring rug has the power to become a focal point and can change the outlook of the room. They are considered as the foundational element of the room which not only protects the flooring but also creates a visually pleasing impact.

Nowadays, people are moving towards the idea of placing a rug rather than installing expensive flooring because of its innumerable benefits. Let’s have a look at the Top 6 Benefits of Area Rugs:

  1. Keeps the house warm: People have a habit of installing heating systems to keep the house warm during winters. But still, when you have to walk barefoot on the floor, the thought can give you chills. Covering the floor with a rug helps in creating warmth in the room. The rugs block the cool air coming through the cracks and maintain the temperature of the room. For best results, you can use Dash & Albert Indoor Rugs which are perfect for your winter days.
  1. Protects the Flooring: There are different types of flooring available for houses. Some people prefer vinyl, tiles or marble flooring, whereas some people opt for wooden floors. But, a small crack in the floor or a stain can hamper its beauty. To protect your expensive flooring from getting damaged, one of the safest options is using rugs. They are known for its durability, long life, functionality, and style. So, next time you are feeling worried about your floors, don’t think twice and visit Kensington Design to order your rug.

  1. A Versatile Option: Unlike carpets that stick from wall to wall, rugs are quite flexible in nature. You can place the rug anywhere, match it up according to the theme or even move it anywhere without any hassle. This is the best-suited option for renters and who relocate often. Pick any colour, style, fabric and feel free to pair it up with your theme. Using a rug is the best way to style up the place whilst maintaining your budget.
  1. Add Grace to your room: Bringing colours and graphics in the room creates a dynamic aura. There are hundreds and thousands of colours and styles available in carpets and rugs. They come in unique textures and patterns which are made using different fabrics like synthetic, nylon, wool etc. suitable for every season. So, whenever you are in doubt on how to add some flair to your room, place a rug and you are good to go.

  1. Keep the external sounds at Bay: Rugs are known for its noise reduction quality. Sometimes dropping items on the floor or regular tapping can be really disturbing. But, if your flooring is covered with a rug, then you can enjoy a peaceful time without any external noise. All the rugs have the ability to absorb sound, reduce the vibration and maintain serene surroundings.
  1. Easy to play on the Floor: Children and pets have a habit of playing on the floor, but often parents do not allow them because of allergies. To keep them away from allergies and also let them play their way, you just need to place the rug on the floor. Rugs have the capacity to trap allergens and keep the environment safe.You can also try hand-woven rugs for your room and let your pet enjoy a good nap on a soft yet sturdy, stylish yet affordable piece on the floor.

So, if you are thinking of adding a splash of colour to your home without creating a hole in your pocket. Buy a beautiful rug from Kensington Design to unlock your style and instantly transform your room.