If you are unsure of what size of custom cushions to order, here is a brief explanation of cushion sizes that may help you choose the correct cushion for your home. Cushions are small but effective home décor items and details with the ability to completely transform a space. There are no strict guidelines to follow as it is more of an art than science, one will have to rely on their eye and take the time to experiment. Play around with arrangements and what you feel works, take a step back and look at the whole ensemble and how it fits in your room.

There are a few rules that can make this process easier.

Mix & Match:

Sometimes the more ambitious colour schemes are the most rewarding. Don’t be afraid to play with colours and textures, bearing in mind the colour of your sofa, you can use bright colours so long as they are complimentary; whatever is easy on the eye.

Similarly, this works the other way, arrangements staying within different tones of the sofa or bed colour also work and add depth whilst emitting an air of serenity, an example of this can be seen below. Differentiating textures can also be used to create interest and are especially fun if you’re feeling brave enough to experiment with colour as well. If you want to take a less bold approach simply choose a singular colour and vary the textures within this.

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What's on the inside?

A cushions filling can drastically affect its appearance and how inviting they look. For inexpensive cushions, ( Buy cushions under £50) a commonly used filling is foam or synthetic wadding however these make the cushions very firm and padded.

Natural fillings such as feather and down are more expensive but are much more durable and can have its shape plumped up a lot more than a cushion with a synthetic filling. Natural fillings do cost more, though, but may be worth the investment, as they last longer than foam and you can simply change the cushion cover whenever you fancy an update.

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Cushion Chopping!

You can also shape your cushions to make them look more inviting. The Chop refers to making an indent in your cushions to create a V-shape. To do so, plump and then 'chop' with the side of your hand in the centre of the cushion. Many people ask if cushion chopping is just a pretentious trendy fad or whether it actually makes the cushion look better: one of the reasons chopping your bed throw pillows or sofa cushions is that it can look both aesthetically pleasing whilst also creating a surface that reflects light in a more interesting way, especially if your pillows have a sheen or have a silk component in the fabric.

Chopping your pillows and cushions can also make some designs and prints look less uniform and can also make prints such as spots or stripes look less bold and appear more casual. Another reason for chopping is to make cushions appear more appealing to sit on as they look full, plump and softer after a good karate hand chop.

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A common rule to follow when arranging and managing the balance of cushions is a 2:2:1 – starting with the biggest at the back, work from the outside in. Place your two largest, matching cushions on the outer edges of the sofa resting against the arms. Then place the next two matching cushions overlapping the two outer ones, not completely in front of them, and finally finish off with a single accent cushion in the centre.

Bonus:How many cushions do I need on my Sofa

Size doesn’t affect this too harshly either, if they are all the same size it creates more visual interest as it is less busy to the eye. Scale and colours can be fun to experiment with and it doesn’t have to follow a pattern, the more random the placement the less formal your space will feel. Ikat prints alongside paisleys and brocades mixed in with printed linens – this kind of arrangement is all about texture.

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Arranging Throw Cushions on a Bed:

Throw cushions are an essential style staple to making sure your bed looks sophisticated and well designed. However, with the overwhelming amount of shapes, sizes and designs it can be a little confusing as to how many cushions will work for your bed and be tricky to arrange in an aesthetically pleasing design. Three/odd numbers is a common ‘magic’ number when it comes to arranging or styling. Six throw cushions in total works very well on Super King or King sized beds, whilst three cushions works perfectly for a Single bed. Mix cushions in varying sizes, patterns and textures to display a non-uniform arrangement – however if you want a more balanced look and want to stick to plain colours only (with no designs) then add lots of varying texture to create interest – a Mohair or Velvet cushion looks great when combined with a more natural Linen cushion.

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Our Passion for Cushions:

At Kensington Design we have the pleasure of working for clients with exciting and bold ideas. We create bespoke cushions in the image our clients have imagined, with no boundaries! For instance we have recently created pillows in bright colours sampled from a much loved painting. In the image below, although very ambitious the result of colour was beautifully balanced and the space as a whole was unique and lively. If you would like bespoke cushions contact us either by phone or email!

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At Kensington Design we offer cushions online or custom made cushions in store. You can order from a range of our luxury cushions and designer cushions online.