1. Affordable Bespoke Bed Linen

    Affordable Bespoke Bed Linen

    Time to bling up your bedroom. Want your curtains to match your valance to match your headboard to match your pillows? Any style and colour... send us an email if you have any questions: or give us a call...
  2. Geometric Circus Walllpaper

    Geometric Circus Walllpaper

    Want to make a statement? Check out this wallpaper. Create a sharp statement with triangles, bold designs, mathematical symmetry... send us an email if you would like more details or if you would like us to send you some samples...
  3. Manuel Canovas New Collection

    Manuel Canovas New Collection

    We love the new Manuel Canovas collection - time for a splash of colour in life! Send us an email if you would like us to send you some cuttings or come in to Kensington Design and browse through our...
  4. Vintage Fire Extinguisher Light

    Vintage Fire Extinguisher Light

    Here at Kensington Design we are the proud new owners of this beautiful vintage fire extinguisher light ... currently sitting proudly in our shop window ... maybe it might find a home for Christmas... send us an email if you...

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