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Summer Giving & Visits.

Summer Giving

It all starts with ‘what do we give The Teacher?’  The joy of the present is as much for your child when they give the present as it is for the teacher receiving the gift. A small appreciation of a year’s work. Perhaps your child is leaving school.

You may need lots of interesting presents.  Let’s make it unusual and give something they will always remember you by. Most teachers are inundated with chocolates and drinks – wonderful as they are, here are a few interesting, unusual ideas.


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Summer Visits

Then comes the visit to a friend. Whether it’s for evening drinks, supper in the garden or a weekend’s visit. It’s always lovely to arrive with something, beautifully packaged.

A great idea is to have flowers delivered before the event. So when you arrive, the host has already had time to display and enjoy them. With this in mind and a few other interesting ideas, we have put together an unusual collection of Summer Gifts here.

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It’s Better to Give Than To Receive


The Meaning & Origin is religious. To be found in all Holy Books.

Scientists are looking into the biological evidence proving that giving helps relieve stress in the body and is, therefore, beneficial to your health.

We found a great blog by a performance psychologist, Noa Kageyama. Have a read here.