Decorative hand-painted tableware made in Italy.   We are working with a family owned workshop in the heart of Tuscany where skilled craftsmen create stunning ranges using traditional methods.

Number One: Chic sets for salt, pepper, oil and vinegar

Vecchio Smalto Lifestyle Images (6)

Number Two: Cake stands to show off your best British bake (and say goodbye to those pesky flies)


Volute - Lifestyle Image (9)

Number Three: Witty wine coolers


Giotto Lifestyle Images (4)

Number Four: Mosquito & bug repellent coil holders


9576 estateNumber Five: Decoratively etched condiment jars to exibit your homemade jams and sloe gin


Ornato - Lifestyle Images (4)

Number Six: Rustic tableware in three fabulous colours


Galestro Lifestyle Images (11)Number Seven: Hilarious garden wildlife animal jugs


Fiaba Lifestyle Images (4)Number Eight: Colourful ice-cream bowls


Mediterraneo - Lifestyle Image 3

Number Nine: Dish out your seafood platters...


Pescheria - Lifestlyle Images (1)

Number Ten: Urn your way to a beautiful garden...


Stemma Lifestyle Images (3)

Number Eleven: Multicoloured lanterns to transform lunchtime BBQ into a soiree

Lanterna Lifestyle Images (8)