Perspex Furniture works almost everywhere. Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, perspex furniture works as a wonderful counterbalance to solid furniture.

What is this material? Perspex and acrylic are essentially the same thing. It is a poly(methyl methacrylate) with a melting point of 160 degrees and a boiling point of 200 degrees C  for those chemists out there!

Enhance your space without cluttering it. Display your collections without the use of bulky bookcases. Perspex allows you to store and display without taking up your visual space.

We make a lot of our invisible furniture in Britain and can, therefore, bespoke to any size. Some of our transparent pieces also come from the renowned Marais International French firm.

Our most popular pieces currently are our Bookcases.

As well as our desks:

That go beautifully with the most comfortable versatile desk chair:

Kitchen Bar stools are always difficult to find.  This wonderful transparent and steel bar stool comes in a variety of seat colours and is the perfect addition to your kitchen without taking up to much space both visually and physically.

The eclectic mix of old and new, practical and elegant, Perspex is part of this story.

We are truly proud of the British craftsmanship we provide.

See more about our 'Made in Britain' pieces with this Blog.