The windows in our homes are one of the most important focal points in any room, and at Kensington Design, we help our clients to ensure that their windows are well dressed. Every home and space has its own unique requirements, but it is most important to find the right window dressing option to perfectly frame your view. We advise the use of Roman blinds as these are ideal for smaller spaces, whilst if our client wants something more impressive we advise floor length curtains. To help you decide which window treatment may be best for your space we have detailed our inspiring ideas that can improve the outlook of any home.


Layering Textiles & Patterns:

If you choose to use a voile (a lighter curtain that offers both privacy and protection from the sun during the day) with a curtain, we like to consider keeping the pattern on both the same as this creates consistency. A simple solution for creating interest in the window is to add subtle geometric embroidered patterns to a linen voile.

Geometric pattern voile curtain

Reveal More of the View:

For bay or round windows (pictured below), where all the focus is directed solely at the quality of the view, a curtain track offers an elegant and minimalist design/look. Curtains need to have a pencil pleat, pinch pleat or wave header, and are attached to the track with gliding hooks. The curtain track can be fixed to the ceiling or wall, depending on the position of the window. For a good night’s sleep, blackout curtains are a great option.

circular window in hotel room

Combining Blinds & Shutters:

If you prefer a more rustic and relaxed design, a great option is to contrast gauzy, natural linen blinds with solid wooden shutters that block out the light. Stylishly simple, the bespoke-made Roman blinds fold up into soft pleats, making them a good space-saving solution, whilst the unobtrusive shutters blend in seamlessly with the white walls.

solid shutter and roman blind in bedroom

Using Colour to Create Drama:

In order to draw the eye upwards a great solution is to make a feature out of a brightly coloured metal curtain pole and matching clips or rings. Kvadrat supply a range of coloured poles along with 16 different textiles to choose from, as well as a hanging mechanism and pegs in four shades to mix and match. Please get in touch with us here if you would like further information on the Kvadrat range.

red coloured curtain pole

Pairing Curtains & Sheers:

Delicate sheer blinds – which don’t detract fully from the frames behind – are a perfect pairing with heavy curtains in a similar colour tone. This extra layering is also ideal for preventing draughts, as well as allowing more control of light flow and privacy in the home.

sheer curtain with blackout curtain

Use a Leading Edge:

A curtain with a leading edge can create a beautiful design detail for your windows. A contrasting fabric from the back of the curtain is continued to the front, and simple tiebacks allow for even more of it to be kept on show whilst the curtains are open. Use a simple pencil pleat and an unfussy pole to keep all the attention on the curtains themselves. You can enhance the effect of this great window treatment style by choosing a curtain pole that is slightly wider than the window itself, which then tricks the eye into thinking that the window is bigger than it actually is.

contrast leading edge curtains

Use a Pelmet:

For a contemporary take on a traditional curtain finish, it’s great to use a flat pelmet layered over voile curtains alongside coordinating tie-backs. This design style provides a neat and classic finish to your windows as it hides curtain poles and other fixings (such as brackets). Recreate the look of a sophisticated hotel bedroom by selection pillow to match your pelmet and tie-back fabric.

[caption id="attachment_82503" align="aligncenter" width="920"] bedroom with curtains and pelmet[/caption]

Single Curtains:

If you have a sequence of large windows in a room, a great option is to choose single curtains instead of pairs hung centrally to give a contemporary, laid back look. Omit tie-backs for a further relaxed feel and instead opt for a lightweight fabric, such as linen as it gathers and drapes wonderfully. Allow plenty of length on the curtains so that they pool nicely on the floor to complete the look.

single curtain panel on window

With so many options for your windows we are confident at Kensington Design that we can guide and help you to find the perfect window dressings for your home. Our team of wonderful designers are more than happy to assist you throughout the entire process, from deciding on your window dressing to helping you pick out the perfect fabrics or trims. To get in touch to discuss any design enquiry please contact us here for further assistance.