A house is only a home when it appears to be lived in. Whether you have kids, dogs, bikes which are stored indoors or merely a high-traffic hallway, then Dash & Albert's beautiful collection of rugs & soft furnishings are the ideal option.

Dash & Albert's hard-wearing, UV protected and washable soft furnishings will stand the test of time against all that life throws at you. As the rugs, cushions and pouffes can be scrubbed, bleached and washed with a hose, family members and guests will never have to sacrifice the enjoyment of a glass of red wine or curry ever again.

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Keep it Clean: How to Clean our Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Ketchup spill? Dropped wine glass? Smooshed-in food and mud? No problemo. We show you how to clean the ickiest, nastiest, doggone dirtiest stains from our indoor/outdoor rugs. Click on the image below to watch the video.


dash and albert stained carpets