Millennial Pink 2018’s newest trend
This year sees millennial pink as one of the emerging trends in interior design. It is a perfect summer colour and is a great way to add a subtle warmth to any room. In today’s blog we explain the various ways you can incorporate pink into your home:

Combining Light and Dark Shades: Pink is the colour of compassion, purity, and love. This colour is known for its softness, delicacy and serenity which makes its surroundings positive and relaxes the mind. If you are planning to use millennial pink colour for walls, then using this colour with a hint of a darker tone can give a sophisticated look. Starting with a light tone of pink and adding a hint of black hue can be very pleasing and modern.

Pink Cushions and Accessories: Home Décor is not only about painting the walls and arranging the furniture. Once that is done you can then embellish the room with accessories like curtains, cushions, blinds, flowers, vases etc. One of the best ways to add pink in your house is by combining it with accessories. For Example a set of pink cushions, table lamp, flower vase and a rose quartz frame on the side table are perfect to introduce this beautiful colour to your room. Adding small items with pink not only gives an innovative look but also helps you in discovering your hidden creativity.

Millennial Bedding: Usually, beds come in white, grey or black. If you are sceptical about adding pink to your walls or using a millennial pink wallpaper, this is a safe option to try. Use light and blush pink coloured bedding and accessorise with a mix of grey, gold and white coloured cushions. A pink headboard mixed with pastel colours can give your room a warm, trendy yet neutral look.

Pretty in Prints: For many decades now, the world of interior design has been experimenting with a whole range of pinks, including dark pink, baby pink, neon pink, barbie pink, blush pink and so on. 2018 has been the year of the Millennial Pink (a dusty, pastel and classic version of pink). This is a versatile colour which looks good with everything. Many people love the idea of using this colour with printed wallpapers, chairs, sofas, cushions and table accessories. In order to boost your style statement you can add this colour with prints. Printed curtains, wallpapers or table accessories can give an enchanted look to your room. Why not use light coloured walls so that main focus lies on the printed items? Be sure not to forget to add fresh flowers to your vase for a complete picture.

Pastel Pink Furniture: Picture a Sunday morning where you are sitting outside in the garden, enjoying a nice cup of tea with your partner whilst kicking back and putting the world to rights. How about adding a contemporary style to your furniture and make your garden area more vibrant? You can match comfortable, pink coloured chairs with a light green or beige table, then try adding stylish pink table accessories for tea and top it off with blush pink linen to create the mood. So, what are you waiting for? Go on and get your table ready and brighten your Sunday.