A serene bedroom

Your bedroom is one the most important rooms in your home. A bedroom should be serene and tailored to your preferences, constantly reminding you that, You Are Priority.

It is important that you feel content and happy in your room in order to sleep well, and we all know the health benefits of a good nights sleep. Another huge benefactor on your mood is your "First view" this is the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning, if this is clutter it will not have a positive start to your day. Whatever is near the foot of your bed will be your first view and thus should not be cluttered. We start and end our day in our bed, so it should be a well-made, tranquil space.

You can ensure comfort and tranquility with accessories and furnishings, so 2 equal height bedsides, similar lamps, favorite artworks but the most important feature will be your bed.

Elements that make a well styled bed:

  • Headboard

This not only grabs attention adding aesthetic appeal to your bed, but gives structure and stability for your back to rest on.

  • Euro Sham

This will help add layers and make the head of your bed look like a sea of comfort, this pillow goes behind your standard queen/king pillows for decoration. The Euro Sham is usually the delicate decorative pillowcase.

  • Decorative Sham

Similar to the latter, Decorative Shams layer your bed and make it look luxurious. However, as they are the most visible, they come in many different designs . Use Decorative Shams to add texture and colour to your bedding.

  • Flat Sheet

Adds depth. Contrast sheet design to the rest of your bedding for extra impact and balance.

  • Duvet Cover

This can add beauty to your bedding but also keep your comforter clean.

  • Bed frame

Again grabs attention, match it to your headboard to tie the whole bed together.

  • Blanket/Throw

Adds yet another layer but also comfort. Throws can allow you to curl up in bed without taking apart your bedding.