The final month of December not only brought us Christmas presents and mulled wine but also the unveiling of Pantone’s annual gift to us: it’s chosen colour of the year. Colour-matching company Pantone have declared ‘Living Coral’ (also known as PANTONE 16-1546) as the hue that will be saturating our interiors, design and fashion throughout 2019.

A bolder upgrade on the millennial pink that was prominently seen in interior trends from as early as 2016, Living Coral packs quite the statement punch with it’s hue hovering between the orange and pink spectrum. Pantone describe it as: “An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energises and enlivens with a softer edge”.

As bright and lively as this hue may be, it can also be subtly added to your interiors and not dominate or overshadow the desired scheme of your space.

Start small: when dipping your toe tentatively into the Living Coral pool look first to adding in small accessories. A simple decorative cushion will juxtapose perfectly with safe and timeless neutrals or will create a colour block effect if placed against a darker background. Adding in a soft throw to match the cushion will complete the design and make the coral hue look right at home on your sofa, bed or chair.

Go all out: if Living Coral is right up your street then look to paint and wallpapers to incorporate the hue wholly into your interior. Whether it’s the whole room or perhaps a bold statement wall, we have a large selection of coral infused Cole & Son wallpapers in-store and online. A bold large scaled pattern will bring lively energy to any space, whilst a block colour or small scaled pattern will provide a more soothing and uplifting atmosphere to the room.