Accent Colours For Your Interior

Your interiors will never fail with these simple schemes focusing on accent colours.

Select an easy base palette of earthy tones or similar colours like whites and beige's.

In the image below, we have started with the wooden flooring and added a soft sofa fabric to create a calm feel for the room.

Wood floor and Sofa ideas

The next step is to find a complimentary curtain fabric remembering to stay within a neutral palette. A brown rope tieback has been added for depth.

Sofa and Curtains

Adding more accessories and soft furnishings changing the tone only slightly.

Now you can start to add colour with your accents. Here we have used a cushion to add some warmth.

Accents can also be used in the form of accessories, as seen here this can come in the form of glassware, candles, plants.


By following this process you can easily change your interior by season for less cost.

Traditionally people have changed their homes for the seasons with their curtains, however this is a much more expensive alternative and you can have just as much of an impact with accessories.

Accents can consist of multiple colours if you wish to add more depth.

See below our second mood board:

Using a multicoloured tieback opens up colour opportunities.

You can then source these colours and use them as small details in your interior, for example here we have used it for cushions.

Adding more colour with a soft blue, this compliments the Grey base scheme and allows the tomato colour cushions to pop.


Adding another tone of grey for the upholstery which will work beautifully with our duck egg blue Sofa.


For more information on styling your home with colour click here .