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The Dining Room Dilemma

We have a family of 4, but want to be able to seat 12 for a dinner party. Is there a solution? Where does one store the additional chairs?

Distribute your chairs around the home for different needs and looks. A spare chair could be the perfect addition to a bedroom or study. Chairs can also be used as shelving or a quirky nightstand.

The wooden chair

Using wooden chairs as your dining seating then you have a world of possibilities to work with. By far the most flexible of furniture, they can be used absolutely anywhere. Inside the house, in the garden, on the walls?! They work beautifully as an occasional side table or night stand. A sturdy wooden chair is the perfect place for a bit of late night reading or some fresh flowers!

Another idea is to hang on the wall and use as a shelf, such a quirky idea! Examples we have seen of this show coat hangers being used to keep the chair elevated or simple hooks - this means for easy removal when the occasion calls for it.

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If it suits your space, benches are perfect for easily-stored seating, a hard bench can be dressed up with a beautifully upholstered seat pad if necessary. They can also be re-imagined with accessories to become a central piece in your room.

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Extra seating can be placed around your home

Extra chairs can be used as occasional chairs around the home, for example they can work perfectly in a study or bedroom.

Go for Boho

Mismatched chairs achieve a fun Boho look.

You can use mismatched seating around your dining table to be aesthetically pleasing and a bit quirky! Creating a Country/Boho look can be a very practical solution, favoring the idea of placing unused chairs around the house as you can tailor the type of chair to whichever space its placed in. Make sure these pieces are around the same height so your guests aren't sitting at different levels.

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How can your chair follow you through the seasons?

Your Chairs will of course work well in your dining room but how can they be applied to other rooms? With styles and seasons ever-changing how does one keep up? There are permanent solutions such as painting your wooden chair or having it re-covered, but this comes at a cost and is very time consuming.

Chair slip cover with frilled skirt for dining chair.

Slipcovers are a quick and easy way to transform a chair. Completely adaptable to your taste, choose any pattern, texture or fabric, if it can be sewn it'll work! These covers are not only durable but adaptable to any occasion, as they can be folded up for another time.

Create your own slipcover

The material used for your slip cover is a major factor. For instance, dressing seating for a wedding reception, use happy and bright colours to signal a new beginning, creams and yellows would work perfectly for this. The Slip cover solution gives you the option of saving money on hiring/ buying expensive custom chairs. Ready made covers can be found for standard sized chairs at some department stores or even online, otherwise it is worthwhile checking the costing of having covers tailored from scratch. Choosing your own seat covers leaves them open to Customization, adding details so that they stand out. For example, the place for the bride and groom and other guests of honor can be decorated with sequins, beads and ribbons - Sparkle!

A simple corsage of flowers with some ribbon make a very shabby chic element to a pretty summer wedding day.

If price is a key factor in your design process creating your own covers is a great alternative. The pattern for a basic cover can be simple depending on the design, however we recommend experimenting with a few covers initially to find a design right for you. Another money saving alternative could be to use a cheaper version of your decided final fabric choice, this will enable you to see how much fabric will be needed realistically for each.

Decorating your wooden chair

Flowers make for a pretty addition when making wooden chairs.

Ribbons and wrap styles make for a fresh springtime look in the sunny summer-months. Use pins or tape to fasten these, or a safer option would be to hand-stitch them on. Ribbon can be used on the legs as well as the back of the chair to cover up any damages. Other details for the back could be ornamental flowers, shawls or fancy looking napkins which are also disposable.

Extending Dining Tables

Extending dining tables are a great practical solution as you can seat a large range of people. Your table can accommodate up to 4-8 people and interchange with adjustments.

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