Colours play a much bigger role than we initially think - colours subconsciously elicit feelings and thoughts when our eyes first see them. When we think about the colour blue, our minds probably first wander to memories of clear skies or gentle sea waves - or if you’re heavily into all things interior design, your mind might instantly envisage Farrow & Ball’s notorious and glorious Inchyra Blue.As a hue that is known for lowering blood pressure, heart rate and to create a sense of calm and tranquility, the use of blue in interiors is not one to be overlooked.

Due to its ability to create a space of relaxation, the use of blue when decorating is very popular in bedroom spaces. Aerin Lauder (granddaughter to Estée Lauder) is an avid user of blue tones when it comes to design, with her bedroom walls upholstered in Pierre Frey’s ‘Toile de Nantes’, the overall scheme creates a fresh and soothing atmosphere.

If blue bedroom walls feel too overbearing, or if you simply prefer yours walls clean white, think to painted furniture to add calming blue tones to your space. At Kensington Design we offer both bedside tables, chest of drawers and desks to be painted in any Farrow & Ball colour of your choice. Our personal favourite shades for bespoke bedroom furniture are ‘Oval Room Blue’ - for a lighter and brighter shade, and ‘Stiffkey Blue’ - this shade is much more dramatic and will make an elegant impact in any bedroom

Aside from the soothing and cool nature that the use of blue can create, it can also create lively and luxurious spaces when combined carefully with other certain shades. As its colour wheel complimentary colour, any shade of yellow is a perfect colour pop or pairing with blue designs. The use of gold or brass on hard furnishings such as door knobs or lamp bases instantly elevates a space into a much more luxurious realm - as demonstrated in the image below, featuring a Cole & Son ‘Mariinsky Damask’ wallpaper.

As proud stockists of Pierre Frey, Romo Group, Cole & Son (and many more) we have an extensive library of blue patterns and designs that can uplift and transform spaces within your home. More excitingly, a large number of new blue hue’s and shades have been added to our 21 collections of Kensington Design House Fabrics. To view the newfabrics or to gain inspiration please visit our fabrics page. We are always on hand to if you need any design ideas, solutions or further help.