Interior design to many is sometimes a misunderstood business and can be confused with thinking someone is purely picking out pretty cushions or a nice sofa for their client – but there is so much more going on behind the procurement of soft furnishings (just one small aspect in the business of interior design). Using an interior designer in London or globally can not only attract a buyer for your home but can also improve and add to the value of your home. Whether for investment purposes or the demands of a family, at Kensington Design we have curated six crucial elements as to how interior design strategies can boost the value of your property if you are selling or looking to eventually move on.

Think Neutral:

On the topic of personal taste and design fads, we see interior design as a matter of subjectivity and that it should reflect on the personalities we find within the homes of our clients. Well thought out and designed interiors should not be too faddish in a property you can see yourself selling soon as this may alienate some potential buyers. At Kensington Design we focus our intentions on classic interior décor and by using high-quality products and materials.

traditional neutral room

Target Market:

Redesigning or adjusting some rooms in your home needn’t be too costly and it can have a huge impact on the value of your space. To ensure that any financial investment into your home regarding interior design is in line with your expected return we advise clients to design in accordance with the property location. London has a unique property market, so we always take the surroundings and design into consideration. We firstly consider the neighborhood and to whom the property might most be appealing to. For example, areas such as Holland Park and Hampstead are great for families, Soho and East London appeal to younger residents, and Mayfair, London’s most exclusive neighborhood, is a perfect fit for high-net-worth individuals.

We try to best predict who our client’s buyers maybe and then consider design aspects such as storage and special features. A home’s layout is an expensive yet adjustable feature, and rooms can be reconfigured, extended or partitioned in order to appeal to your target buyers.


Making the Upgrades:

The kitchen and bathroom are two areas of the home that often have the biggest effect on securing a higher value on your home. Even small and simple changes, such as re-grouting or swapping the tiles can make a huge difference to you and the buyer’s perception of the room.

Going the extra mile and designing a spa-like bathroom with well-positioned mirrors and lighting similar to that found in luxury hotels can instantly boost the quality of your home’s finish and value. Likewise, investing in a power shower with a stylish glass enclosure can make your home more desirable and more practical.

luxury bathroom London


At Kensington Design we always like to advise clients on the importance of getting the house organized, clean and clear. Decluttering your home’s interior design is essential if you are wanting to sell as it creates a sense of calm. Improving your storage is a great way to declutter your space and make it more attractive to potential buyers. We like to be as imaginative as we can and to use clever tactics on how to utilize wasted space for wardrobes, cupboards, and drawers.

declutter London

Natural Light:

Glass is undoubtedly one of the most important materials that we like to incorporate into our client’s home design. Glass and reflective materials allow natural light to flood the room, making it look larger, generate energy and lift the mood of the household or potential buyers who are viewing the property.

If your windows look out onto a natural setting then consider increasing their size in order to offer more visibility. Custom-made glass doors and partitions open up space in a non-invasive way – however, this option can be costly and we advise clients to consider the design benefit versus the cost.

Natural Lighting Rooms London

Design in the Details:

Whilst you may be focused on the larger design issues when re-designing or renovating your property we always ensure our clients do not forget any detail – large or small.

Stylish fittings such as plug sockets can enhance the interior of any home, but small touches such as these are often overlooked. The same idea also applies to fittings such as door handles or have curtains that are properly measured – all of which are points that can add a luxury feel to your interior.

design in details london

Kensington Design has been helping clients both locally and internationally refurbish, redesign and refresh their homes since 1984.

We have the most extensive library of fabrics, wallpapers, and trimmings in London. With our wealth of knowledge and our long-standing relationships with the finest craftsmen, Kensington Design has the tools to perfectly execute any project regardless of how big or small.

Our job is to take our clients vision to fruition. This is achieved through our meticulous care and attention to detail to ensure the finished project exactly reflects our client’s wishes.

Do get in touch whether you wish to refurbish, redesign or simply refresh. We look forward to being of interior service to you.