At Kensington Design our top London based interior designers have been working on luxury residential projects for years and along the way have learned some great but sometimes overlooked design tricks that can instantly transform your home whilst embracing your ideal design aesthetic without breaking the bank. We have learned that in interior design that it is normally the smallest changes that can create the biggest and best impact on a room.

Interior design in the home is a brilliant tool to reflect not only your personality but speaks of comfort needs and convenience.

Updating Your Furniture

If you have a few chairs lying around the garage or if you are looking to buy some new ones without breaking the bank on designer chairs then a great tip is to transform them by painting them, re-upholstering them or adjusting their design (where possible). Many clients can find upholstering to be a costly solution to updating their furniture, so we first suggest to change the paint on the woodwork – by merely changing the colour or sheen of the furniture base can instantly update a lackluster dining or armchair.

At Kensington Design we offer a range of affordable house fabrics that are of great quality and are a cost effective solution to upholstering a chair to give a fresh new look. We always advise that your order fabric samples prior to ordering so that you can be sure and happy of what your finished design will look like. Checkout some of our work here.

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The Old & the New

Why mix old and new designs? The most obvious answer we find from clients is that most or all of them have inherited something old from a family member or friend, even if it’s something as small as a decorative ornament. Another reason for mixing the two styles is that sometimes not everyone can afford to buy everything new and prefer to browse through antique markets for more characterful and cheaper finds. A neutral palette for your walls in the room tends to be the most successful solution when mixing old and new pieces as this then allows the main focus to be placed on the mix of the designs.

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Colour Your Walls

Colour has the ability to ‘make or break’ a room’s design, so being wise about your colour choices is an essential part to creating successful interior design. For smaller spaces we recommend using lighter coloured paints as such colours will reflect light and make the space feel larger. We all want as much natural light as possible in our homes and the combination of a light colour and large windows can make any small space feel dramatically bigger. Colour also plays a role in the entire vibe/theme of a room or home – establish your colour scheme for the entire home before embarking on your decorating project as this will lead to the end design feeling and looking much more cohesive and professional.

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Invite Nature Inside

When it comes to plants, every room in your home has something to gain. Plants are a budget friendly means to accessorizing your house whilst also adding colour and texture. Whether you’re adding a large potted plant to the corner of your living room or multiple smaller plants onto your side tables or bookshelves, plants are brilliant for bringing in colour, vibrancy and life to a room.

You can choose metal bucket planter for plants. This stylish planter features 9 metal pots.

Aside from the aesthetics of your chosen plant, they are also natural air purifiers as they absorb pollutants in the air and leave each room feeling as fresh as the plants look.

Don't know how to choose plants? Sally Painter written some Tips for Using Indoor Plants in Interior Design

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Transparent Furniture

Transparent furniture works almost everywhere. Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, transparent furniture works as a wonderful counterbalance to solid furniture. What is this transparent material made up of? Perspex and acrylic are essentially the same thing. It is a poly(methyl methacrylate) with a melting point of 160 degrees and a boiling point of 200 degrees C  for those chemists out there!

Enhance your space without cluttering it. Display your collections without the use of bulky bookcases. Perspex allows you to store and display without taking up your visual space. We make a large amount of transparent furniture in Britain and can, therefore, create any furniture bespoke to any size. Pop in store or give us a call to discuss with one of our interior designer about how we can create affordable furniture for you.

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Decorate with a Rug

Hardwood floors look beautiful and sophisticated, but they don’t tend to often add much to a room in terms of personality. Area rugs come in a huge variation of colours, materials, and designs, and no matter your aesthetic taste or style goals, you are sure to find one that will suit both you and your room perfectly.

Area rugs are also great at adding extra comfort and warmth to an uncarpeted room and also give children a more cosy space to play. We think that rugs are great tools in interior design as you are easily able to change them up whenever you want and can also have their colours and designs combined to create a space the feels eclectic and truly unique. At Kensington Design we stock some of the most durable and easy to clean rugs that are perfect for high traffic areas or children friendly rooms – visit us in-store to see the range of colours and design patterns we can offer you.

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Wallpaper in Unexpected Places

Using wallpaper on all four walls of a room can be quite a loud statement and some of our clients find too much use of wallpaper in their houses can feel quite dated whilst some find it too expensive.

However, there are a few tips that we have learned over the years that make use of wallpaper in creative and unexpected ways. Adding a dramatic floral motif wallpaper in the corner of a room instantly creates a great focal point for the room whilst not dominating the entire room – moderation is key when it comes to large patterns in a space! If you would rather a more subtle use of wallpaper, a great trick is to line the insides of your drawers or back walls of your closets – we find that this tip is a great way to inject some colourful patterns into a plain piece of furniture that you are most likely using every day.

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Extra Tip: Always use best material for pasting wallpapers, We recommend Cole & Son Tub Paste for your wallpaper pasting. It's available in various quantities.