Wool or Cotton, Striped or Spotted, we have any kind of rug you could dream of! Designs that burst with personality in a range of sizes and colours that can only be made better by their durability. As every room in your Haven deserves to look fabulous, Dash & Albert rugs are specifically tailored to dealing with high-traffic areas, with very low maintenance they can be kept in ship shape condition.

Dash & Albert 

Dash & Albert Pouf

Founded in 2003, Dash and Albert offers a wide range of Contemporary indoor-outdoor, wool and cotton rugs. With durability in mind, Dash & Albert have used the finest materials available to ensure they can weather years of love even with a wash every now and then! Not only does this company provide amazing rug designs, they have also progressed into new products such as Tote bags and giant poufs and pillows - All of which we offer online.

Dash and Albert create products and designs that translate beautifully to any room, you can explore their huge expanse of products on our Rug Inspiration Blog.

Kilim Rugs 


Our antique Kilim Rugs are between 50 and 90 years old. The Kilims are Handwoven and made from sheep's wool that comes from different Parts of old Turkey (Anatolia). The word Kilim simply means flat fabric or carpet without knotted pile. Kilims have high durability and are closely linked rugs that were traditionally given away as a dowry. The preparation of the marriage is an act of love, all the dreams of the girl are included in the Kilim design.

Rich and ornate details with warm colours perfect for the winter.

Explore Rug Inspiration which shows stock, helpful guides and quizzes as well as providing a Rug Guide.