Getting To Work.

Walk or Cycle to work.  If you can't, make sure you use stairs not lifts where possible.

At Work.

Don't sit for long periods of time at your desk.  Stand, stretch up, touch your toes and twist. Talk to a colleague, don't email them. Walk to get a glass of water.  When a colleague might be going out for that sneaky cigarette, follow them - research suggests that those who smoke at work are more productive because of the break from sitting at their desk (we aren't advising to take up smoking - just getting you to go outside a couple of times a day).

Getting Home.

Take a different route home.  Switch off your phone.  Look up at the beautiful architecture around you.

At Home.

Oxygenate yourself.  Breath deeply thought your nose until your lungs are full and your diaphragm is stretch.  Then breath out gently.  Start with doing this with just 5 breaths ... there are 6 more crucial steps but that will be on the next newsletter.

Photo: Taken from one of our many different walks to work.  Kensington Palace, London.