STEP 1: Check each room for anywhere people will be eating, sitting or sleeping


Wallpaper - if the walls have seen better days and you don't want to get the painters in with all their dust and dirt - order wallpaper (calculator available to tell you how many rolls you need), arrives 2 days later for a clean and easy installation.  Inspiration gallery to get you thinking.

STEP 2: Presents to grab & go


Christmas (1)

  • Make a list of all the gifts you need to buy
  • All the people that will come to your house
  • All the parties you will go to
  • Extra presents for last minute drinks parties
  • Get them all gift-wrapped, labelled and ready to go

If you can't make it to our shop.  Be sure to go online and click "Gift Wrap" for an easy life.  All our gifts are online.

STEP 3: Me - I need to look fab


  • How many outfits do I need?
  • Can I cross over on any?
  • What do I need to take the dry cleaner?

For an easy online life - we love Net-A-Porter & Egg for instant fashion.


STEP 4: Your tables need to look amazing


  • Start with a new table set?
  • Or layer your existing tableware with a splash of red which also looks amazing in the garden in the summer
  • If you really want to wow your friends & family go one step further for your canapés and desserts - add something from the "Babbo Natale" collection.  These can stay out on your sideboard, tables, hallways, cloakrooms, guest rooms, childrens rooms until the 12 days after Christmas and then put them away with the Christmas decorations ready for next year

Scented Candles, Table candles & Luxury Matches

STEP 5: food preparation


Halloween, Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving, Christmas Drinks & New Year Parties - DONE

  • Open the door at 5 for the caterers (Waitrose have a great online service).  Put it all in the ovens / fridges as told having decanted it into your own tableware for the "I did this myself look"
  • Walk upstairs, shower click your heals 3 times and come back down in your superstar best
  • Light all candles at 7:15pm

Doorbell rings at 7:30pm.  Enjoy your Festive Season. It's so easy when you make a list!