Often the highlight of any trip away is the wonderful and luxurious bathrooms of our most favoured hotels. On returning home we long to have a hotel-worthy luxury bathroom in our home that feels relaxing and indulgent and is a space in which we can unwind and refresh after a long day. Luxurious bathrooms are spacious, stylish and aspirational – with statement pieces, finishes and high quality tiles. Hotels can be wonderful source for our interiors inspiration at Kensington Design, and as we have designed a large number of high quality and luxurious bathrooms we have compiled together a number of ideas and inspiration to create a luxury bathing experience each time.

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Choosing Your Tub

If you are fortunate to have a large amount of space in your bathroom then we find it best to put in a statement and freestanding bath as this will become the centrepiece of the room. Think sold casting and velvety smooth finishes. Don’t be afraid to explore the huge range and variety of shapes and sizes. Bateau or slipper baths are hugely eye catching, and whilst looking good are also bigger and better for spa-style soaks. Another way to create a big visual impact in your bathroom is to choose to have a sunken bath. Modern designs can be built virtually flush to the floor and walls of your bathroom. For extra indulgence add a sunken Jacuzzi pump to your bespoke bath.

Double the Luxury

In many luxury hotels it is the norm to have double basins – but what many do not consider is to also have his and hers showering too. A large walk-in space with quality screens and individual controls won’t just only help with the often rushed morning routine, but it will also transform your bathroom into a five star luxury space. If you keep the shower fittings relatively simple then it makes for a great opportunity to make a statement in the shower through the tiling.

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Mirrors & Lighting:

In our luxury residential projects we have ensured that all our client’s bathrooms have great and considered lighting along with high quality mirrors. The larger the mirrors in the bathroom, the larger and brighter your space will feel. We advise to plan carefully and include as many mirrors as possible (on both walls and surfaces) and to have more than one lighting option in the room. As technology progresses in design we have seen a few clever mirrors installed in recent projects. If the budget allows there are many multi-media options that incorporate functions such as radio reception, digital displays and touch sensitive controls. We also believe that for a more hassle free and luxurious bathroom to have demister pads on all mirrored surfaces.

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Talking About Tiles

When we have a client that is willing to make a statement in their bathroom we tend to be in favour of floor to ceiling tiles – these can be in the exact same shade and size or to go for a dramatic look choose tiles of varying sizes. Tiles are a practical solution for a room that gets wet at least once a day, but also gives you a sleek, sophisticated finish to your bathroom décor. Initially, having floor to ceiling tiles is a more expensive option than having a part-tiled room, however, in the long scheme of things it means spending less money on maintenance of painted walls and skirting boards. For a timeless style we love the look and design of neutral coloured tiles – however, for a smaller room statement colours or patterned tiles are a great way to inject a touch of creative personality.

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Marvellous Marble

The right materials are key to making the design of your bathroom into a luxurious space. If possible we always try to source high-end textures as these tend to be more timeless and will provide you with a luxurious space for years. Marble is a clear favourite staple in lavish and luxurious hotels or with clients who have an expandable budget. A favourite material of the Ancient Greeks and Romans so sculpting, marble has long been associated with luxury. The natural veining in the marble can complement a selection of bathroom furniture and accessories, and the shine on the marble is a brilliant way to reflect light around the room. A light coloured marble will also help make your bathroom appear larger and lighter – particularly in a space with high ceilings and large windows. We like to team light marble with chrome fittings and white sanitary ware for a classic feel.

bathroom marble

Innovative Bathroom Fixtures

There has been a growing demand for more luxurious fixtures and high technology in our client’s bathrooms. A luxury bathroom is designed in order to feel like your sanctuary and retreat, and nothing feels more relaxing or luxurious than being able to watch TV whilst indulging in a long, hot and bubbly soak. A waterproof TV will allow you to enjoy your favourite programmes or to catch up on the latest news during your morning shower.

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Shower Power

Our most favourite and luxurious choice of showerhead is to install a rainfall showerhead fitting. The pressure from the shower is much softer and less grating on the skin, which makes each shower feel like a spa-like experience and not an obligation. If budget allows, we ideally choose a shower with digital controls so that you have easy access and way of customising your water temperature and flow to your exact requirements.

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Creating a luxurious bathroom is easy once you have the right design materials and ingredients to complete the design. By incorporating luxury materials and high-technology features, you can indulge in a space of extravagance each and every day.

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