Each and every room in your home should be designed for a purpose. You may have a well laid out and practical kitchen and a stylish yet comfortable living room, but what about your study or workspace from home? As many are working from home more these days and over 1.3 million already work from home regularly, it is important to design an area where you can focus and create a healthy working from home ethic and routine. Maybe you’re looking to improve your working environment or wanting to create your perfect home office space, we hope that this inspiring guide will help provide you with all the inspiration you need to create a functional yet well designed workplace in your home.
Whatever style or how small or large your working space at home is, creating the perfect environment to work in will not only help to keep you motivated but will also enhance your everyday wellbeing and happiness.

Navy blue built in desk and shelves with books

Comfort is Key:
It is key to first address that discomfort is the first suspect in our ability to concentrate on the work in hand and it is very important to first address the importance of your home office chair. Unfortunately it can be tempting to go on Pinterest or Instagram to see beautiful and chic designed home study’s, but we have to be realistic and know that if we’re going to be sitting in one chair for long periods of time that your body is going to need all the help it can get – especially as working from home can mean our fitness levels can drop without any commute. If you do not want long-term issues with either your posture or end up irritating an already present back problem, you really need to give some serious thought as to what you’re going to sit on.
Our advice to customers and clients is to be realistic – if you’re only going to sit for an hour at a time then it would be fine to choose an eye catching designed dining chair. When choosing your desk chair consider both aspects of functionality and comfort. A few questions we tend to check over with our clients are:
- Is the chair you’ve found actually fit for purpose, can you move freely and carry out tasks with ease.
- Is the chair adjustable to the height of the work surface?
- Is the chair going to be shared – if so take into consideration the other family member’s size/height etc.
What we always advise to clients who are looking for the perfect desk chair is to invest in a good quality ergonomic chair (if sitting for long periods of time) and to choose a chair that has adjustable arm rests as these can take away strain from your upper spine and shoulders to prevent slouching.

white leather desk chair and desk

Additional Seating:
If you’re fortunate enough to have a large office space then we love to add an extra area for when you can take some time out and away from your desk. A relaxed reading nook or just a space where you can mull over some thoughts and ideas and enjoy a well-deserved and essential tea break – with some biscuits and cake of course if you’ve had a particularly busy day working! Moving from one area to another also helps with some extra movement to your day.

white desk and study with sofa and yellow cushions

Finding Your Desk:
If you’re initially unsure of what size desk to choose, gather up your working essentials and lay them all out of the floor in order to give you an idea of what size to go with. There’s no point in purchasing a small desk if you have a multitude of things to accommodate on your work surface – if it takes up space you’ll need to address this before sorting out your desk. If your space is too small for the desk size you need, use the wall space directly above it for storing immediately accessible items or to pin ideas and notes. There are also many desks out there that combine storage and desk together.

desk with floating shelving storage

Find the Perfect Location:
At Kensington Design we like to try when possible to situate our client’s desks near a window where the client can then enjoy the benefits of natural light. Ideally, your desktop or laptop screen shouldn’t be directly in line with your light source. Having your desk at a 90 degree angle and next to the windows is perfect, although you will still need to address your window treatments to ensure natural light doesn’t affect your ability to see due to any glare.
Natural light is very important to our wellbeing and with a desk being near a window, you can enjoy the benefits of giving your eyes a rest from the screen time and to take in the outside world. Window treatments such as blinds are great for preventing light glare.

white desk and chair near window

Choosing Your Colour:
In many past blogs we have always talked about the importance of colour in terms of aesthetic importance and the emotional impact it can have on us and that choosing the colour of where you will be working from in the home needs to be carefully considered. If you choose the right colour for your work space you’ll create a feeling of balance. We advise customers and clients to try to keep to a simple colour palette. Blue is the perfect colour choice for creating feelings of calm and can aid in helping with focus. If you’re a very creative person the opting for some yellow hues are perfect for stimulating the sense – use accents of this vibrant colour if the thought of painting all your walls is too much. Ultimately, whatever your colour preference is, it’s the saturation of your colour choice that really matters when choosing a colour. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the saturated colour is, in general the more stimulating it will be than its lower saturated counterparts. But of course, you might just prefer white for its fresh and clean feel and you can then always incorporate accent colours in to suit your design.

Dark blue walls home study

Get Personal:
At Kensington Design we know the importance of introducing some inspiring framed quotes, photographs or artwork around your desk area – these should not be distracting, but instead things to surround yourself with to encourage inspiration if you ever feel in a rut. These items should incentivize you to get on with your day and encourage all things positivity. Positive affirmations in the form of artwork are great ways to boost morale and are also gentle reminders as to why you are sitting there and working. Just remember to not go too overboard and remember that this is your workplace primarily.

Inspirational study with artwork

On a final note, designing a home office means thinking about how to then shut off from that space and make some clear definitions between your working hours and your home life. If you would like any help or advice from our wonderful team of experienced designers, please do get in contact with us here – no project is too big or too small and we’d love to help you on your design journey.