The word ‘balance’ means many things in various sectors of life, however, in interior design and in the home, the term ‘balance’ tends to centre more on a meaning of creating a sense of calm, unity and flow. During this uncertain time and unrest caused by the ongoing Coronavirus, tensions and anxiety have risen and more are being urged to work from home. Due to some overwhelming emotions there is a real need to not only find balance but to hold onto it and build it into our everyday lives. Our Home is our resting place, our recharging station and the hub around which our lives are lived – when our homes are balanced, our lives also feel more balanced too. Interior design is a powerful tool in being able to create spaces in new ways that can sustain better mental health. Here at Kensington Design we have created a relaxing guide on how to decorate your way to a sense of calm and balance.

Defining Happiness:

What aspects of home décor really make you excited about or make you happiest? For some it is a design of clean lines and neutral tones, but for others they may find their home decoration happiness in inky blues and bold artwork. Perhaps you yearn to wake up in a bedroom that feels cosy, or perhaps you prefer a large and spacious bedroom that feels energizing – whatever it is that gets your calm going, it’s hugely worth taking the time and patience to find it. At Kensington Design we find most of our best inspiration via Pinterest of Instagram, but flipping through a few interior design related magazines is a great way to take note of the things that you already own that give you a greater sense of happiness – for some it’s a love of great quality bedding, but for others it could be finding new pots for their plants. It can be easy to get sucked into design trends, but a space that’s all yours should start with a deep and emotional understanding of what you truly like.

Create Your Zones:

Even the smallest of flats or houses can be a calm and functional place to live, work and rest – bigger spaces do not always equal to gaining a bigger sense of calm, and come sometimes in fact create the opposite feeling. Create spaces in your home that you can move in and out for different tasks. A small desk for work should be surrounded by things that inspire you but do not distract you; a dining area you can sit at for meal times; a sofa area for lounging in. Zone out these spaces with rugs or screens, and then use these zones for the task that they’re designated for. In a small space, creating zones can create a less chaotic feeling and promotes a sense of flow and calm.

Study and desk area with plants

Let’s Talk About Tones:

As we’ve established already, various clients prefer various colour schemes and tones for their homes. Have a think about which colour tones you tend to gravitate to – at Kensington Design we don’t feel like we would feel particularly calm in an all neon room, but some other clients out there love a bold surrounding. Painting a room can feel like a huge decision, so if you are not totally sure on what colour tones make you feel at ease then we have a tip: close your eyes and think of the last time you felt very relaxed – where was it? Are you able to take any colour inspirations from that place? When you have a vague idea, explore that colour palette and grab some paint charts or samples and see which ones stand out the most to you. You can either carry one palette through each floor of the house to help with flow, or you could instead switch it up completely from room to room.

Talking Texture:

At Kensington Design we adore texture and try to incorporate it into many of our design schemes. Texture is a great way to stop a space from looking stark and creates a sense of warmth and depth. Layers of texture invite you to snuggle up, fabrics soften hard edges and a strong grain in the wood brings in a touch of nature. There are many options within adding texture – for example, do you prefer a natural linen or a silky satin? Do you fold your throws neatly or do you throw them aside and askew? To add texture consider multiple throws, blankets and soft and sumptuous cushions and experiment with choosing one colour but over several different texture types.

Love Your Décor:

At Kensington Design we urge our clients and customers to choose their purchases wisely and to try not to rush. From the furniture to the rug or the artwork on the walls, everything needs to give you an emotional or functional benefit to warrant its place in your space. If your items give you both benefits then this is all for the better. We advise that if you see something you love and immediately want to purchase that to try and step back and hold off for a few days. If you notice that over the next days or week you are still avidly thinking of purchasing this item then this is a good internal confirmation to go ahead with your beloved purchase. Shopping in this way means that us or our clients get more time to think about where and who they are buying from and also mean that everyone ends up appreciating the stories and craft that goes into certain pieces.

To Conclude:

What makes your calming space and home is completely unique to you and your own design and décor tastes, and finding out what that exactly is can be an empowering part of a journey to a more balanced life and interior. There is great power in getting to know what you love and why you love it and can create a great sense of relaxed achievement. Take your time, trust your gut instinct, and if you still feel you would like a little nudge or some advice please visit or email us – we have a wonderful team of designers at Kensington Design that can assist with any design enquiry you have – no matter how big or small.