See:  Flower sales from local sources to soar. FLOWER SHOP.

Treat yourself to fresh flowers  - a bunch of flowers instantly lifts up any interior.  Keep it seasonal and local - we love Grace and Thorn who have a love for naturalistic flower design and a desire to bring back influences of the wild and rustic English countryside to the capital.

Hear:  Radios listeners set to increase.  RADIO GUIDE.

Go h0me, put the radio on, learn something new or listen your favourite tunes and get dancing.  Radio allows you to keep moving and go about your daily tasks.  Studies show that radio enhances mood better than television & computers.

Smell:  Cleaner / Fresher Scented Candles.  SCENTED CANDLES.

Placing scented candles in the main living areas, to complement your decorative scheme, can transform a home and set the stage for some nostalgic memories.  It is also the most lovely house gift you can give anybody.

Taste:  Eat little and often - snack bars popping up everywhere.  GUIDE TO LITTLE AND OFTEN.

Eating small, frequent snacks keeps your metabolism revved up and helps normalize blood sugar.  Our favourite snack shop of the moment is  The Garden Basket (8 Stratford Road)  - most delicious are the Medjool Dates which have been harvested by man since before 6000 BC and is crowned the fruit of kings.

Touch:  Natural materials.  FREE FABRIC SAMPLES.

We have seen a huge move away from synthetic fibres in Interior Design.  We prefer linens, cottons and cashmere.  These have natural fire resistant properties which means no chemicals are needed to treat fabrics.. making your homes far healthier.

Photo: taken by Kensington Design to encourage board games during the winter months.  Stay Sharp!