Easter Bunnies Virginia Casa

Easter has to be one of our favourite Holidays at Kensington Design, being filled with chocolate and adorable Virginia Casa Pasticceria pieces (as seen above).

Easter, a Christian holiday, celebrates the resurrection of Jesus after he was crucified. Many followers of this religion take part in Lent, 40 days of prayer, penance and fasting.

The last week of this prayer period is considered the Holy week following Jesus' last days, Holy Thursday represents the Last Supper and pays its respects before Good Friday when Christians commemorate his death.

Cotton Easter Decorations

Eggs are used as a representation of Easter due to their ancient association with new life, accordingly they are also used to welcome spring. We have the Easter Bunny for this same reason, Hares have always been believed to represent fertility and rebirth. It is believed that Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring, Eostre had a hare as her companion.

Images used are of our Virginia Casa Collections. See how they're made.