A few home comforts go a long way...

While at first everything will seem like a pretty tremendous adventure it is likely that students will feel homesick at some point.To try to lessen this and to help them to feel settled into their new surroundings, try to recreate the feeling of home comforts.

A few accessories, such as cushions, books and ornaments, along with a fun rug will brighten up any space.


Look and feel great with nutritious meals served on fun tableware!

One of the things that students miss most about living at home, is actually the food!
Take outs may seem great to start with, but they will quickly make you start start to feel less healthy and are quite costly too.

Students should learn to cook a few basic, nutritious meals. Getting a group of friends to each take a turn cooking for each other is a great way to get into cooking, as well as to serve your master piece on beautiful, fun tableware and make new friends.


Keep the Piggy Bank topped up...

Tips on watching those pennies:

1. Budget! The saying goes, "We do not plan to fail, but fail to plan" Setting yourself a clear budget and monitoring your spending is the best way to ensure a financially stress free time.

2. Don't spend all of your money on nights out.

3. Student discounts are great if used wisely but can also be a trap to lure you into buying things you don't need.


A place for everything and everything in its place!

The key to sailing through your degree is to create a quiet, organised space to study and work on your assignments.

Having enough storage is essential, as is a great desk to work at and great lighting for those midnight study sessions.