Gifts for the Home

People can be very hard to buy for and with the Christmas Rush quickly upon us, it's difficult not to panic! Nevertheless Kensington Design believes that Gifts for the Home can never fail to impress!

Alongside our selections of Gifts for Him and Her we have curated this collection of products suited for everyone and their personal Haven's. By far our widest selection, this collection ranges from delicate accessories to statement furnishings. We have some Christmas Accessories however most items will be usable all year round.

We have specially chosen these items as they are ready for Express Delivery - Before Christmas. However you will need to order soon as we're going for our Holidays soon!

Gift Wrapping Option

Gift wrapping option - Gifts for the Home

For an extra £5 you can use our Gift wrapping option.

This will help your gift embody the magic of Christmas, once we're finished with them they look too good to touch!

Don't forget to use Discount Code 'xmas 2016' for 10% off at Checkout. Order by 11 am to receive next day delivery!

Investigate our collection of Gifts for the Home.