Today is officially the first day of Spring. Nature is springing back to life.

With the arrival of spring harboring fresh flowers and blue skies it's time to embrace colour and remove that winter feeling from your haven.

It's time to move away from the grey and start to embrace the fun colours of summer again!

A great way to do this is with foliage.

Flowers are a low fuss solution that helps invite spring into the home.

As seen below they work beautifully with the schemes designed here and makes your room design seem more alive.

Neutral palette with simple foliage gives a serene and rustic.

Neutral palette with simple foliage gives a serene and rustic look.

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Slightly more bold, the colour of the flower has been used as the stimulus for this room's scheme.

Experimentation with tones creates an air of elegance.

Flowers work amazingly well in a vase, our Virginia Casa Vases for example, compliment a subtle amount of foliage beautifully.

As Spring is only just upon us, it is a good idea to use subtle hints of colour.

Allow your interiors to slowly grow alongside the rest of nature.

Great Mother's Day Gift idea: One of our Galestro Vases with a fresh bouquet!

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Flowers don't just belong in a vase...

They work amazingly well in bowls and as other accessories.

In addition to this, float them in water for a light, airy effect.

According to Feng Shui experts, the use of flowers evokes a feeling of beauty,

grace and a delicate yet lively sensuality in all of us.

On Saturday the clocks go forward therefore, such feelings will definitely be needed in the mornings.


With the winter months being so very dull you'll want to move away from the drab neutrals and grey.

Introduce a bit of colour even if it's small details in your room. Sometimes less is more.

If you're stuck with how to style your home for spring, keep in mind the Pantone Colour of the Year - Greenery.

Follow the link above to learn more.

If like us, you're obsessed with flowers this year check out the Cole and Son Ardmore Wallpaper collection here.