When finalising your home interior design, it is always important to be careful about the fabrics that you select. The fabric selection process can ultimately affect the overall design and aesthetic of your home design. If you have already started looking for fabrics online or in stores, it may seem a little overwhelming due to the huge amount of choice available. At Kensington Design we are always on hand, in-store or by email to assist our valued customers when it comes to assistance in find the best suited and most perfect fabrics.

To begin with, it’s a good start to briefly look at the most commonly used fabrics in home interior decoration:

  • Silk: Silk is a somewhat expensive, delicate and very classy fabric option for the home. You may find that silk is used in bed linen, curtains and soft furnishings, such as cushions. However, Silk is a very delicate fabric and can wrinkle easily – the fabric does require some care and attention, and if used for curtains should ensure it is lined to ensure the colour does not fade due to sun exposure.

light pink silk bedding

  • Cotton: Cotton is a wonderfully inexpensive and easy-to-obtain fabric. The fabric can be used for bed linens, upholstery, curtains, etc. Cotton is very versatile, but is labelled as less elegant-looking than silk. Cotton blends are much more commonly used for interiors as a pure cotton fabric may not be sturdy enough for the required use.

cotton fabric

  • Polyester: Polyester is a very sturdy material that is often used in interior decoration – especially so in commercial interior design environments. The fabric is easy to use, long-lasting and is great at being resistant or easy to clean when stains occur.

Polyester fabric

  • Wool: Like silk, wool is a wonderful-looking material that adds warmth and grace to any home. We particularly love the use of wool in rugs as these are soft underfoot and a great for keeping interiors warmer due to its great insulation properties.

wool rug

  • Velvet: Although many consider a crushed velvet to now be unfashionable, there are many other styles of velvet fabric that have become and remain increasingly popular with customers and designers alike. From matte velvets to velvets that have some sheen or slight grain, this fabric looks gorgeous particularly in jewel tones, and also tends to be great at resisting stains or easier to clean than other fabrics.

green velvet sofa

Choosing the Right Fabric:

It is most likely that it is hard to determine on just one type of fabric to use throughout your entire house – as each room’s requirements need to be considered. It is good to keep in mind the type of atmosphere that you want to create. For instance, if you have pets and children in the home, it is best to stick around fabric options that offer you durability, easy to clean, and that are not overly expensive.

Dash and Albert rug

Before Your Buy Your Fabric:

There are a few factors that are always best to consider before making your fabric purchase. The first factor is the ‘Fabric Colour Combination’. Finding the perfect colour combination for each room is crucial in determining the atmosphere and room design. Whilst doing up the interiors of a home, fabric tends to usually be purchased at the end – after the wall paint has been chosen and the furniture decided on. However, at Kensington Design we urge that ideally, the colours for the entire rooms in the home should be chosen first – this includes the colours for the walls, furniture, upholstery and curtains. By doing this first, you can ensure that you pick out colours that go well together and create a sense of harmony. The second factor to keep in mind before purchasing is the fabric textures, as including too many colours and textures in one room can appear a little chaotic. However, you can play around with textures and patterns to find a palette that work harmoniously together. If your walls are plain coloured then it’s great to add some interest and a focal point by adding patterned curtains. However, if you have a good eye for design then it’s great to mix and match wallpapers, curtains and upholstery with different patterns and textures. Combining geometric prints, floral prints and other designs ensure a unique look. Lastly, another factor to keep in mind is the price of the fabric. At Kensington Design we help our customers by providing hundreds of fabric types that all come at affordable prices – and we ensure that you never have to compromise on quality for the price. With so much choice from our House Fabric collections, there are so many fabric options available that you will always be able to find what you need and within your budget.

bold colours and pattern interior design

At Kensington Design we have a team of designers on hand to help you decide on any fabric selections. Get in touch with us here and we will be able to discuss your requirements and help you find the materials that suit both your taste, needs and budget.