The year of 2018 brought out colour trends that certainly made a bold statement – from Pantone’s Ultra Violet, an abundance of metallic in favour of neutrals and variations of the statement black accent wall, last year found interiors and design embracing an edgier palette.

This year however we have seen the colour trends throughout 2019 to consider a more mindful and lifestyle-based approach – manufacturers and companies have considered the current turbulent political climates of Trump and Brexit and have created colours for us that can soothe and create a sense of safety inside our homes.

A simple change of paint on our walls plays a much more important role within our home than we might realise.

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Pantone’s 2019 colour of the year: Living Coral

A bolder upgrade on the millennial pink that was prominently seen in interior trends from as early as 2016, Living Coral packs quite the statement punch with its hue hovering between the orange and pink spectrum.

Pantone describe it as:

“An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energises and enlivens with a softer edge”.

As bright and lively as this hue may be, it can also be subtly added to your interiors and not dominate or overshadow the desired scheme of your space.

When dipping your toe tentatively into the Living Coral pool look first to adding in small accessories.

A simple decorative cushion will juxtapose perfectly with safe and timeless neutrals or will create a colour block effect if placed against a darker background. Adding in a soft throw to match the cushion will complete the design and make the coral hue look right at home on your sofa, bed or chair.

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Sherwin Williams 2019 colour of the year: Cavern Clay

Going for a more naturalist feel, the Cavern Clay shade lays its roots in the soul of the American Southwest, creating an elemental desert aesthetic.

This nature-inspired hue works best when paired with natural fabrics – mohair, leather and vintage style linen fabrics will all work harmoniously with this creamy rusty shade.

Speaking on the colour trends for 2019,

Sue Wadden, director of colour marketing at Shermin Williams, noted that

“While nature is a common inspiration for home décor, in 2019 we will see a shift from oversized botanicals to the woodlands, with mushroom greys and fern-inspired colours.”

The trend for soothing and organic shades with strong links to nature is certainly one that is set to dominate in 2019 after the past few years of unpredictable and turbulent politics that dominate our everyday lives.

Dulux’s Colour of the year 2019: Spiced Honey

Not straying too far from the naturalist and earthy tones seen in Shermin Williams’ chosen colour, Dulux have reigned Spiced Honey as their 2019 victor.

This warm and earthy tone straddles over rich caramel hues and earthy brown shades which results in creating the most perfect warm neutral.

“Spiced Honey has a raw, natural quality that works like a warm neutral. It’s so adaptable to pairing with different materials and styles of decoration,”

Explains Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director for Dulux in the UK.

“Its rich caramel tones visually turn up the thermostat a few degrees. So it’s perfect for creating a relaxed cosy atmosphere in places where we like to think, dream and love.”

For use in the home, Spiced Honey pairs well with all manners of wooden décor accents whilst bright white shades for soft furnishings or window treatments create a contemporary and fresh feel.

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Benjamin Moore’s 2019 Colour of the year: Metropolitan AF-690

Last year Benjamin Moore introduced the fiery and bold Caliente as their chosen colour for 2018, but it seems that this year they have chosen a much more relaxed and subdued hue for 2019: Metropolitan AF-960.

This beautiful grey shade has cool undertones and is perfect for rooms that get swathes of natural light.

Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore’s Director of Strategic Design Intelligence, comments on Metropolitan as “comforting, composed and effortlessly sophisticated, Metropolitan AF-690 exudes beauty and balance…

It’s a colour in the neutral spectrum that references a contemplative state of mind and design. Not arresting nor aggressive, this understated yet glamorous grey creates a soothing, impactful common ground.”

As seen from interiors pictures released by Benjamin Moore, it is clear that Metropolitan creates a peaceful atmosphere and encourages a sense of calm – a perfect shade to creating a relaxing haven in any bedroom space.

To create warmth, using neutral shades (think oatmeal or linen flax) on soft furnishings or window treatments instantly creates a warming harmonious design.

Many colour trends tend to fade quickly, but Metropolitan’s neutral qualities make this a shade that creates a timeless design.

Graham & Brown’s Colour of the year 2019:

This year Graham & Brown have unveiled a gorgeous and regal teal, ‘Tiru’, as their chosen colour for 2019.

Teal shades have long been associated with promoting tranquillity, good luck and longevity.

Paula Taylor, Colour & Trends Specialist at Graham & Brown comments that the shade

“creates a luxe yet inviting atmosphere, inspiring a harmonious balance of flamboyant elements.”

The colour was selected from the back drop of a Japanese inspired wallpaper that was created in order to celebrate Eastern art and to transform traditional art into a modern style statement.

This striking hue is perfect when mixed with metallic accents – gold and bronze accents in particular really make an impact and create a luxurious atmosphere.

Moody teals such as ‘Tiru’ make great backdrops for library or office spaces and work well with dark wooden furniture – to brighten the space look to ochre yellow tones for soft furnishings such as cushions.

One of the most timeless colours is Farrow & Ball’s ‘Stiffkey Blue’ which when contrasted against clear glass knobs suits a timeless design beautifully. As seen in our 3 Drawer Bedside table which can be made to any size and any colour.

Ultimately, our homes are our own personal sanctuaries in which we can find comfort from the stresses of the every-day world.

Colour holds an incredible power over how it affects our emotions, happiness and well-being.

Fortunately for us the trends for 2019 all seem to point to working towards improving our mindfulness and sense of wellbeing.