Kensington Design is committed to increasing social responsibility.  Responsible business.  We are lucky to just be starting our online store recently so we have been able to do this from the start.  There are large department stores now who are spending millions trying to cycle backwards and retrospectively look at their corporate social responsibility.  This is a reaction from the youth of today which is fantastic, as they want to be more and more aware of exactly what is entering their lives and what they are buying.

Our challenge has been to create products made in Britain at the same price as what we are able to buy from abroad.  Having been in the Interior Design business for over 30 years, like most interior designers we would source our products from all over the world sometimes blind to how they were being made.  Launching our online store focused our attention and we are now passionate about knowing the source of how all our products are made and who has made them.  As a result many of our products are now made by aritizans all over Britain.

  • Curtains & Blinds: Cambridgeshire and Kent
  • Wooden Furniture: handmade in Nottingham and painted by people who have experienced homelessness, long term unemployment and also vulnerable women
  • Metal Tables & Glass Tops: Metal frames from Peterborough and Glass Tops from Essex
  • Upholstered Furniture: made in Bedfordshire, Nottingham, Yorkshire and Scotland

It is not just a case of British is best and of course we aren't anti foreign products, there are amazing wonderful designs from all over the world with influences from thousands of different cultures and evolutions.  After all this is multicultural Britain and we should embrace designed from everywhere.  Our commitment is simply to know the journey of every item, from inception to your home.  Often these are family run businesses and a good example right now is our stunning tableware made in Tuscany.

This is just the beginning and we are working on 100% commitment to knowing exactly where everything is made.  Just keep checking in.