Interior Designer = Buying Time

With so much choice out there, employing an interior designer is like visiting a one-stop shop that can present and showcase to you all your choices.  The alternative is to spend endless amounts of time researching products, ploughing through different brands and prices.


Interior Designer = Plan of Action

Working with an Interior Designer leads to a proper plan of action. All within an agreed budget.

 Interior Designer = Prioritise

Making a plan allows you to prioritise. Once you have created a budget, your Plan of Action will incorporate what is most important and what can wait.  Perhaps you want to start with the foundation and then build on your accessories.

Interior Designer = Discovering connections & Resources.

So many furnishings are not available to the public. An interior designer will open those doors for you.

Interior Designer = Avoid Costly Mistakes

Having a trained eye to assist you in visualising what the room will look like is key. Buying ‘that’ sofa only to find it doesn’t fit through the door – or once in, dominates, is too high, too low, etc  – wishing you had chosen a different colour or size. These can be costly mistakes, which are all avoided when you work with an Interior Designer.

 Interior Designer = Harmony


Make the right decisions. Create a space that is unique and pulled together properly and professionally. Interior Designers know that it is Your Home. The job is to create what you visualize but are not sure how to create.

Interior Designer = Helping You Add Value To Your Home

Value for yourself when you walk through the door and truly feel at home. Value for your home should you be selling. An interior-designed home is key to a Sales listing.

 Do Your Homework

Choosing an Interior Designer is a matter of  chemistry. You either click or you don’t. Once you feel you are at the right place. Do your homework. Arrive with either 2 pinterest boards. Or 2 folders. One with ‘Love’. The other ‘ Not me’. This is a great starting point. From here the designer will have an idea of what direction to take. Then let the designer create. You choose. And above all - enjoy the process.

Kensington Design = Unlock Your Style

We have helped thousands of people over the last 30 years. Local and International. In-House and On-site. Small & Large Projects.

Here at Kensington Design we have :  Walk In Thursdays Design Mornings. Such Fun.

Bring your plan or notes in. Cosy up with a drink and  let us help you get started.

Go home inspired and we hope you will enjoy our goody bags.

At Kensington design we also pride ourselves on being accessible to anyone. Therefore, we have made a guide helping you understand how to order online.

And for help ordering fabric samples see here.