Christmas has crept up on on us again and suddenly we are left with the age old problem... how shall we make our Christmas Wreaths this year?  Well... panic not, because we have solutions for everybody!

OPTION 1.  Wreath Making Courses in London - such a fun thing to do on the weekend (and you get guidance with your creativity)... below are the links for a couple that might suit:

OPTION 2. Buy a wreath with the proceeds going to Charity.  Unfortunately not all of us have time to make our own wreaths this Christmas, and we have stumbled across these wonderful people: Cultivate London who will hand-make your wreath from sustainable, locally sourced materials with all the proceeds going to Cultivate London's youth training programme.

We hope this helps and would love for you to send us pictures of your masterpieces if any of you do any of the above things mentioned!


Make your own wreath 3Make your own wreath2Make your own wreath