Do Ho Suh - Passage/s

With beautiful quality, Do Ho Suh creates amazing installations based on interior spaces, exploring the idea of a home and how one constructs a memory of a space. This is portrayed in his fabric structures as their low opacity resembles something close to a memory,  influenced by his peripatetic existence he uses his art to memorialize the places he's lived in. Previous projects in New York have lead him to this point in his artistic journey. In this home, he covered his entire apartment with paper and then rubbed with colour pencil to create a surreal environment, visually capturing what a memory looks like. Though this was a strenuous process, as one can imagine, Suh believes this was 'a gesture of loving' and necessary to preserve all the space's memory provoking details, "I'm trying to show layers of time." as well as capturing the emotional significance his home had to him.

Each home Suh has lived in is portrayed with a different brightly coloured polyester fabric creating something geographically impossible and joining each country he has inhabited together. This creates a surreal environment where the onlookers travel through past, present, memories and reality captured in an endless corridor of interior space. These corridors are symbolic of life, as Suh believes our lives are one long journey; 'I see life as a passageway, with no fixed beginning or destination, we tend to focus on the destination all the time and forget about the in-between spaces. But without these mundane spaces that nobody pays attention to, these grey areas, one cannot get from point A to point B.' The structures he has created are a way of holding onto fleeting moments, the collision of colour and transparency makes these structures feel very temporary and streamlined. The one-to-one scale structures also give way to ideas of migration, transience and the effect on identity. We really appreciate this innovative view of interior space and its effect on the soul and a person's actual identity. This reinforces the importance of having a Haven that is perfect for you, as it is a massive part of your life and how you identify yourself.



This exhibition is open from the 1st of February through to the 18th March at the Victoria Miro Museum, Hoxton. Admission is also free!

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