Design & Décor to Transform Your Living Room:

As many of us are now spending a large amount of our time in our living rooms we all may have begun not notice that our living room design may be starting to lose its lustre or is in need of a refresh. Perhaps you chose to follow a certain design trend a few years back and that now it all feels a bit outdated, or perhaps you moved in with a partner who brought along some less-than-ideal furnishings along with them. Regardless of your reasoning, right now many of us are ready for a living room design and décor style refresh. At Kensington Design we have learned over the years many great small changes that can be made in order to transform the space without having to invest in hugely expensive furniture pieces.


Pick Your Pillows:

One of the easiest and quickest ways to transform your living room design is to update your cushion and throw pillows. These accents are often the first things that people will notice when they enter a room, and have the power to add to your design with more colour, style and your own personality. We love to use texture where we can in our designs, and especially love to do so using cushions. From trimmings, fringe and leather, any texture from your cushions adds more dimension to your design. To read more on how to arrange your cushions on your sofa, have a read here on how to achieve the perfect arrangement.

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Update Your Rug:

Rugs are our perfect go-to décor option when we feel a design needs to be tied together, so whether you’re adding a rug to where there wasn’t one before, or swapping your current rug out for a new one, it’s a fool-proof way to infuse a new look / life into your living room. The wonderful thing with rugs is that there are endless varieties to choose from. Dash & Albert’s range of indoor/outdoor rugs are not only eco-friendly but also very soft underfoot and come in a multitude of designs, sizes and colours. If you are looking for more guidance on how to choose or style the perfect rug, head over to our previous blog here where we detail how you can pick a rug and use it to transform your home.

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Add to Your Walls:

The four walls of your living room hold a lot of power when it comes to defining your décor and design. However, this does not mean that you have to repaint the whole room just to make a changeable impact; simply switching up your wall décor is just enough to create a large change in the design of your room. If you have a gallery wall at present, consider replacing it with one big statement piece of art. Or, if you’re working with a mirror, swap it out for a sophisticated wall ledge gallery. Ledge galleries are perfect for avoiding having to drill multiple holes in the wall the hang your art and are also great to show off your decorative objects or candles.

ledge gallery wall with framed photos

Rearrange Your Furniture:

When any of our clients feel like they’re in a rut but don’t want to commit to spending large amounts of money, we always first suggest that they rearrange their furniture – this takes the stress financially away as by doing so this transforms their room without having to spend a penny. Rearranging furniture can completely change the look and vibe of your living room. We always suggest that when rearranging, to be sure to pay in mind the visual weight. For instance, if you have one large item on one side of the room, try to balance it out with a similarly large item, or a cluster of small items on the other.

couple rearranging furniture

Update Your Coffee Table:

Your coffee table is essentially the centrepiece of your living room, and so giving your coffee table and updated look – or creating one in the first place – is a brilliant way to refresh your look. Your design, or the décor that you put on the table does not need to be elaborate in any way in order to make a visual impact. Simply arranging a few thoughtful items, such as candles or fresh flowers on a stylish tray is a small update than can uplift your living room design.

coffee table styling and decorative objects

Add Some Shelving:

Shelves are a great addition to any living room as they do not take up any square footage whilst also showcasing your favourite décor items that reflect your personality and style sensibility. One option is to stagger small shelves to display small decorative objects and add some movement to your design. Another options is to place a set of floating shelves in the corner to showcase a cohesive collection of your favourite décor.

living room sofa with floating shelves

Add Some Greenery:

Many customers or clients tend to overlook the ability of plants to make a stylish impact in a living room space, but adding greenery never fails to add life into your design. It’s also one of the few décor options that can truly work alongside any aesthetic. One of the great aspects when adding greenery is that there are limitless ways to style your plants. Minimalists benefit from just a few artfully arranged plants on a table, or hanging in the window, whilst those who prefer a ‘more is more’ aesthetic can bring plants in in abundance.

dining room with plants and a rug

At Kensington Design we are on hand to help with any design question or dilemma not matter how big or small. Please get in contact with us here where one of our lovely designers would be delighted to assist you with any design related enquiry you may have.