This week, Kensington Design has been appreciating the art of typography.  Your choice of font reflects your personality type, mood and attitude.  Today typeface is used to communicate emotion in film, television and books.  In advertising it is used to communicate your brand identity.  We are surrounded by fonts everyday and each one is carefully considered.  At Kensington Design, we believe Design Is Inspired By Everything - so to honour typography we thought we would share 5 interesting facts about fonts.

Typography Kensington Design

  1. Helvetica is the most widely used font in print.  In Latin Helvetica translates to Swiss. Click here to find out more about a feature-length independent film about typography.
  2. The original London underground font was developed by Edward Johnston , CBE.  He taught and influenced the now shockingly notorious Eric Gill whose font Gill Sans is used by the railways & the BBCLondon Underground Font - Johnston Typeface
  3. Fonts In  Use is a fascinating independent archive of typography. Pick an industry and discover what fonts they use.Fonts In Use
  4. There is a free download available of the font created for people with dyslexia called DyslexieDyslexie
  5. Serif vs. Sans-serif: In typography serifs are the small lines tailing from the edges of letters and symbols.

Serif vs. Sans serif


The best font choices are ones where readers do not notice the font but the message.