At Kensington Design, a living room is much more than a space where we watch Netflix – our living rooms are the best places to spend time with family, whether that be for a movie night or to play games. Our living rooms are also the place where we tend to choose to entertain friends and guests, whether that be for Christmas drinks or birthday celebrations. Aside from it being a great room to connect with others in, it is also our go-to room to treat as a sanctuary where we can relax and unwind at the end of the day. As some of us are still spending more time at home, the living room is also being used for working or home workouts. In this blog we will outline what living room furniture is on trend for 2020, explore other design ideas and on how to elevate the room into a stylish and impressive space.



Living room decorating ideas can vary from monochromatic simplicity to a huge range of colours – currently, more on trend are shades that are of warm pastel and earthy tones. If you are a fan of bright colours but do not feel confident to fully embrace this, a great option is to add an accent wall. This should be the wall that your eye is first drawn to when you enter the room.

High ceilings are a great opportunity to indulge in fabulous wallpaper – a very easy and simple way to make your living room a truly memorable space.

earthy tone living room colours


Next is to consider what flooring you may want in your living room. Most of our client’s choose between carpets and wood, whether that’s reclaimed oak or classic parquet – however, in warmer climates, tiles are cooling and can be easier to clean more regularly. Once the floor and colour options have been decided we then move onto style and aesthetic. Choices range from minimalist, maximalist, traditional or to clean-lined and contemporary. At Kensington Design we advise our clients to go with their gut instinct, and then further advice for design that’s it’s great to mix up the geometry in the room by combining rectilinear lines with soft and swooping curves as this will create balance and interest.

wooden parquet flooring


When we first consider the furniture in our living room the first item that comes to mind is the sofa. With sofas, they key is to find the balance between comfort, style and function – and then to consider the size of your space. Many times we have seen sofas chosen that are far too large for the living room, and this can feel both overpowering and make the room seem smaller. For bigger models we tend to recommend styles such as Chesterfields – for spacious and modern living rooms and looking for good two-seater options in smaller spaces. At Kensington Design, we tend to favour styles that are simple and classic as this allows the sofa to serves as a backdrop for the more visually compelling elements in your room.

green sofa in living room


In many modern living rooms, coffee tables serve as a focal point – a great piece that draws your eye immediately and a choice where you can choose to really make a design statement. Dark woods are ideal for monochromatic room schemes, but if you are looking for something a bit different, we advise tables that are bold, confident and have sharp-lined silhouettes – that would look great in an interior otherwise dominated by soft shapes and curves.

As we know, in living rooms, the more surface space available, the better – whether that we for your cup of tea or to position a lamp or trinkets. A few occasional tables can be brilliant for curating a stylish and modern living room.

statement coffee table

Go Bespoke:

No single living room is exactly the same, which is why bespoke furniture is a great option for making the most of your space. Whether your living room has little nooks, sloped ceilings or awkward alcoves, Kensington Design’s bespoke furniture service offers you the option of having a range of furniture solutions that will fit perfectly into your living room.

Whether this is a custom bookcase to fit around your fireplace, or a shelving unit to stretch along an entire wall, we can design and create furniture that are tailored to your tastes and needs, allowing your living room to feel truly special and well considered. We make bespoke media units that are ideal for incorporating TV’s, sound systems, and home cinemas into your living room in a way that allows for a seamless aesthetic appearance.

Lighting & Accessories:

Playing around with lighting is one of the best ideas for your living room. One common mistake some tend to make is to opt for harsh overhead lighting that is very unflattering. A great alternative is to choose a different combination of lamps and at different levels. For example, pendants and chandeliers alongside standing lamps or table lamps.

To accessorise it is great to use small trinkets or objects of interest. Mixing up styles avoids a cold ‘showroom feel’. Vintage finds are also wonderful and can bring out character, whilst organic elements such as plants, add life and dynamism. Position these so as to draw attention to certain sections of the room but without overcrowding.

living room accessories and decor

At Kensington Design we are on hand to help with any design question or dilemma not matter how big or small. Please get in contact with us here where one of our lovely designers would be delighted to assist you with any design related enquiry you may have.