Our Interior Design Online Revolution

Interior Design Online Algorithms
The world has been buzzing with the talk of Artificial Intelligence.

Computing power has revolutionised every facet of modern life.

AI has been one of Kensington Design's biggest influences over the last few years, whilst developing our unique algorithms which enable us to offer a full interior design service online. This user friendly, free, interior design service provides instant estimates. This is so exciting for the end user as the algorithms allow you to create your own unique design ... Not "here is a sofa in 3 fabrics sitting in our warehouse. Please don't ask where it's made!"

Embracing artificial intelligence maximises our time and it allows us space for our creative output which would otherwise be hindered by unnecessary processes.

The most negative aspect of AI and those that say it will take over the city is that the one element it does not have is soul.  We all know Warren Buffet is a master as he keeps his finger on the pulse of humanity and his feet firmly on the ground.

Our version of AI ensures that Kensington Design has soul, keeps its finger firmly on the design pulse and it's feet firmly on the ground.  After all what good is a dining table if you can't dance on it?

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